Moving? Tips To Help Keep Your Pets Calm

keep pets calm during a move
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It’s essential to keep pets calm during a move. Just like it is stressful for you, moving is also a tumultuous time for your cat or dog. There are some things you can do, like pet boarding, to alleviate the burden and chaos of moving on your furry family member.

Even after a move is complete, your pets will need some time to adjust to their new environment. Practice various pointers to make this experience as gentle as possible on your dog or cat. There are plenty of useful tips and tricks that are great for showing your pet some extra TLC during the big move, and we highlight some of them here.

Keep Pets Away From The Chaos

Anyone who has ever moved knows how crazy the day can be with all of the activity going on in your home. It’s an excellent idea to plan for your pets to stay at a different location while you pack and load up the moving truck, which can be a familiar neighbor, family member, or friend. Another great option is taking your dog or cat to a pet boarding facility.

Skip Washing Your Pet’s Belongings

We understand the need to have things neat and tidy when you’re moving from one home to another but leave your pet’s stuff off the list. Your pet’s toys, blankets, and even litter boxes all carry the scent of the old home.

When your cat or dog can catch a whiff of their familiar surroundings at the new house, they feel calmer and safer.

Watch Your Pets Closely In Their New Environment

Keeping pets calm during a move requires you to monitor their movements closely as they navigate their new environment. It’s wise to do a walk-through of your new home and yard to identify any possible escape routes. For example, your dog can jump higher than you realize and can hop the backyard fence should they become overwhelmed.

Don’t Change Your Pets Setup

You’re moving to a new house, and many things will be different for your pet. However, you can arrange their bed and toys in the same way they were in the old house, which gives both dogs and cats a sense of familiarity.

Consider Pet Boarding Services

The best way to keep pets calm during a move is to send them to a trusted boarding facility like All Star Pet Resort. Completely removing your furry friend from the chaotic atmosphere will ensure that they don’t have to experience any of the day’s stress.

Experience Compassionate Pet Boarding At All Star Pet Resort

Moving to a new home is an exciting time for you, but it can be terrifying for your pet. All Star Pet Resort offers professional pet boarding services that are designed to keep pets calm during a move. We offer boarding for both dogs and cats as well as doggie daycare services. Contact us for more information. Our caring staff looks forward to speaking with you.

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