Disaster Can Strike At Any Time. Is Your Pet Protected?

disaster preparation for pets
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Earthquakes, fires, tornados, and other disasters can happen without warning. As a pet owner, it’s essential that your dog or cat is prepared. Your disaster safety plan needs to include your pets. Disaster preparation for pets is something all animal owners need to be aware of. Our fur babies can’t fend for themselves, and it’s up to us to see to their comfort and safety.

Here are some excellent tips on how you can proactively prepare your pet for when the unthinkable happens.

Consider Micro-chipping Your Cat Or Dog

Unfortunately, natural disasters can separate pets from their owners, which can be distressing for both parties. Having your furry friend micro-chipped is excellent disaster preparation for pets because it lets you quickly find them should they get lost.

If you go this route, make sure to keep all emergency numbers and microchip registration up to date.

Always Keep Collars On Your Pets

Your pets should be wearing a collar at all times, even cats. Should an earthquake or other natural disaster occur, and your pet gets lost, a collar helps them get returned home to you. Make sure the collar lists at least several phone numbers that are current.

Seek Out Pet-Friendly Places To Stay

If you know that a disaster is coming, such as a hurricane, and you need to evacuate your home, find a pet-friendly place to take shelter. Doing this is part of disaster preparation for your pets and should be done before an incident occurs.

Consider asking family members or friends if you and your pets can stay with them or discover hotels that welcome cats and dogs.

Put Together An Emergency Kit For Your Furry Family Members

If you are forced to leave your home, it is a good idea to have a doggy or kitty bug out bag prepped and ready to roll. The kit should include a weeks’ worth of food and freshwater, any medications your pet may take, copies of vaccination records, photographs of you with your pet, leash or carrier, and a pet first aid kit.

Having a photo of you and your pet together is for ownership purposes should your cat or dog become lost, and you need to reclaim them.

Know Emergency Vet Facilities That Are Out Of Your Area

In the event of a local disaster, your pet’s veterinarian office might be closed. It is best to know of vets and vet hospitals in the area in which you’ll be staying in case your pet becomes sick or injured. You might even want to compile a list of vet facilities within a 100-mile radius of your home.

All Star Pet Resort Can Help You With Disaster Preparation For Pets

When the unthinkable happens, All Star Pet resort is here to help. We offer compassionate pet boarding services that you can utilize during a disaster. If an earthquake or tornado damages your home, our boarding facility can be an excellent place for your dog or cat to stay. Reach out to us today for more information.

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