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"Your Pets Home Away From Home"

All Star Pet Resort

Pet Boarding & Grooming Salon

ALL STAR PET RESORT has been serving the dog and cat community for over 35 years at our Los Angeles, CA area (Torrance) pet boarding & grooming facility, subscribing to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your pet.
Family Owned & Operated

All Star Pet Resort in Torrance, CA

pet kennelWhether you’re looking for dog boarding or cat boarding, All Star Pet Resort in Torrance, California is the ideal home away from home for your four-legged furry friends. Our pet hotel also offers pet grooming on a limited basis. At our Torrance pet kennel, your fur child will be cared for in the same loving way your care for them at home while you’re at work or on vacation. We are highly regarded in the dog and cat community in Torrance, California.

We Meet The Highest Pet Industry Standards

Our Torrance pet kennel has been designed with your dog or cat’s needs in mind. Every kennel in our pet hotel is cleaned and sanitized every day, and cats in our cat boarding area get fresh litter daily. We like a natural environment, and our dog boarding offers two runs for your dog to run as they please. Pets from different families never interact, so you don’t have to worry about your fur child getting into a fight while you’re out of town.

Each Pet Has Plenty Of Room

Each kitty condo boasts two levels, so your cat has plenty of room to stretch, play, relax, and sleep. Our cat boarding is kept away from the dog boarding for the comfort of the cats. Each dog kennel has a cozy sleeping area with fleece-style bedding and many blankets and an outdoor run where your pup can enjoy time in the sun whenever they choose. All Star Pet Resort is family-owned and has countless years of experience keeping your fur child healthy and happy while you’re away.

Dog Grooming Services Available

Torrance Pet Grooming Salon

Our Torrance dog grooming services are offered with just as much care and love in a calm, clean and safe environment. Why not treat your dog to a pampering session while they are staying at our pet hotel? Your dog can enjoy a relaxing bath and grooming session so that they can look their best when you return to pick them up.

Be sure to visit our facilities in Torrance and see for yourself why our unique pet hotel is so popular in the Torrance community.

Services We Offer

Dog Boarding Los Angeles

Dog Boarding

Our dog boarding in Torrance, California gives your pup the choice to spend time inside or outside, with each kennel having its own outdoor run. Kennels in our pet hotel are cleaned and sanitized daily.

Cat Boarding in Torrance

Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding in Torrance provides your kitty with a two-level kitty condo, giving them plenty of space to enjoy while you’re away. Kitty condos and litter boxes in our pet hotel are cleaned daily, and we provide your cat with plenty of cuddles.

Day Boarding Los Angeles

Day Boarding

If you hate leaving your dog alone every day when you go to work, our day boarding in Torrance allows your dog access to outdoor runs to enjoy safely. This gives you peace of mind that your pup isn’t destroying your home or eating things they shouldn’t.

Torrance Pet Grooming Salon

Dog Grooming

Your dog deserves to look good and feel good too. Bring your furry family member in for some pampering at The Hair of the Dog Pet Spa. Give them the pampering they deserve by our experienced dog grooming team!

Serving The Pet Community for 35+ Years

Serving The Torrance Pet Community for 35+ Years

We offer a full range of boarding accommodations and activities to pet owners in the Los Angeles, CA area to make staying with us both exciting and enjoyable. Our pet boarding facility has a variety of dog dual runs , all runs have indoor and outdoor sections which provides a more natural and comfortable environment.

In each cozy sleeping area, we provide and plenty of blankets for a nap or a good night’s sleep. At night all dogs remain inside and are monitored by our experienced and loving caretakers.

Both areas are cleaned and sanitized daily. We also provide Pedigree brand dry dog food or you may supply your own

(subject to our agreement)

We will ensure your pet has a happy and safe boarding or day boarding experience, enabling you to enjoy your time away from home, content knowing that your pet is receiving the best possible, experienced loving care.

Our dog boarding kennels are licensed, insured and regularly inspected by the Department of Animal Care and Control. You are welcome to come in during office hours to receive a personal tour of our facility.

Additional amenities:

* Play ground and Exercise time

* Onsite grooming salon with great prices

* Day boarding

* 50% reduction off second dog when boarding in same run

What Our Customers Say

What Our
Customers Say