Treats To Be Aware Of Having Around Your Dog Or Cat This Halloween Season

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Halloween is a super fun time of year for both you and your pets! If your dog or cat is willing, you can dress them in adorable costumes that are sure to make every trick-or-treater smile. However, there are some treats, both edible and non-edible to humans, that your pets need to steer clear. Ending up at the vet on Halloween night is the last thing you and your furry friend want to do.

Keeping an eye on the candy bowl, small children trying to feed your pets, and Halloween décor will decrease the risk of your dog or cat harming themselves this Halloween season. Remember, excellent pet health begins with you.

Halloween Candy Is Not For Your Furry Family Members

We know it may be hard to resist those puppy dog eyes looking longingly at you for a bite of your Snicker’s bar, but you mustn’t, for the sake of your pet’s health. Chocolate, especially baker’s or dark, can be highly poisonous to your dog or cat.

Not even small amounts of chocolate are considered safe for your animals. Keep a close eye on goodies containing chocolate and especially little trick-or-treaters who want to share their candy bars with your pets.

Another substance, known as xylitol, is even more dangerous to pets than chocolate. Xylitol is a plant-derived sugar alcohol that acts as a natural sweetener. It’s great for humans who don’t want to spike their blood glucose while enjoying a treat but fatal for fur babies.

It is wise to keep all Halloween candy away from your pets.

Good Pet Health & Glow Sticks Do Not Go Hand-In-Hand

Another Halloween treat that many youngsters get in their plastic pumpkins is glow sticks. These luminous little sticks are a lot of fun for the kids but bad news for your pets. Dogs love to gnaw on things, especially something bright and chewy like a glow stick.

If your pet happens to get a hold of a glow stick, the substance inside is ordinarily non-toxic, but it tastes terrible and can make your pet’s mouth go numb. Your dog or cat might even vomit.

It’s a good idea to keep the glow sticks away from your pets.

Pumpkins & Corn Stalks

Although pumpkins make great jack-o-lanterns and corn stalks help enhance our Halloween décor, they don’t make good treats for pet health. Sure, small amounts of cooked pumpkin and corn are perfectly safe, by uncooked, possibly moldy variations are the last thing you want your pets eating as they can cause GI upsets and even intestinal blockages.

Halloween Pet Health Is Important At All Star Pet Resort

Dogs and cats are curious by nature, so it’s best to keep the Halloween treats and decorations out of their reach. Get in touch with us at All Star Pet Resort for more information on excellent pet health practices or to inquire about our boarding services. Dog grooming services are also offered at Hair of the Dog Pet Spa located in All Star’s pet boarding facility.

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