Preparing Your Furry Friend For Holiday Pet Boarding Arrangements

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With the holidays fast approaching, you may find yourself either leaving town to visit family or opening your home to host others. Each scenario can be stressful for your dog or cat because it dramatically changes up their routine. You can’t always take your pets on vacation with you and keeping them in the home while people they don’t know all that well are visiting can cause issues for your pet’s well-being.

A great solution to all of this is to arrange for pet boarding services at a trusted and highly recommended facility. However, there are a few things you need to do to help prepare your furry friend for their big adventure at the boarders.

What To Look For When Choosing A Pet Boarding Facility

We understand that your dog or cat is an integral part of your family, and you want the very best for them. Finding a boarding facility that you can trust is an essential component of the choosing process. A significant step in the right direction is to make a list of the local pet boarders in your area. Once you’ve got your compilation ready, start researching the facilities and ask friends and family if they’ve ever used said boarders.

You can also check out the BBB ratings of each of the boarding centers and look for any complaints and how they were resolved. Calling the facilities and speaking with a staff member about their policies is also beneficial.

Remember, if you are looking for holiday pet boarding, you will want to secure a spot for your pet as early as possible because, just like human hotels, pet boarding hubs fill up fast around the holidays.

Always Schedule A Test Run For Pets Who’ve Never Boarded Before

Just like a child who has never stayed away from their mom or dad before, dogs and cats can suffer anxiety and fear when they’re separated from their home and family. It’s always a good idea to take your pet to the boarding center before they are scheduled to stay so they can become familiar with the surroundings and staff.

Packing For Your Pet

Once you’ve made arrangements for your beloved pet to stay at a boarding center, make sure to pack some of their favorite things. You can bring a toy, food bowls, and a favorite blanket or dog bed, so your pet has some familiar objects.

Often times, when a dog or cat feels anxious about staying away from home, having items that smell like their normal surroundings, makes a difference.

Check Your Pet Into All Star Pet Resort For The Holidays

Your dog or cat is just as important to us as they are to you, and that’s why we offer professional pet boarding services you can count on. When your fur baby stays with us, they’ll feel like they’re at home. Our staff looks forward to chatting more with you about booking a holiday boarding spot for your pet!

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