Choosing The Right Pet Kennel In Torrance Before Your Next Vacation

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Planning a vacation? Don’t forget about Fido!

Leaving your pets for friends, family or acquaintances to tend to while you are away can be a stressful situation. You want to ensure your pet is getting the care they need, but you don’t want to put too much extra duties on your friends either. Board your pets with a professional pet kennel and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Give yourself the freedom to enjoy your holiday without having to worry about your furry family members.

Here’s why you should trust the pros with your pets.

1. The Cat Hotel

Culture depicts cats as aloof, independent creatures without a care in the world. Many people believe that you can leave cats alone for days with no ill consequences. Cat owners would beg to differ!

Cats that live with humans are generally highly social creatures. They can survive on their own as long as you leave out enough food and water, but they’ll be very lonely. They could also hurt themselves.

If you place your kitty in a trusted cat hotel, she’ll be surrounded by fun things to play with and coddled by the staff. The experience will be like a vacation for your cat.

2. Dog Kennels

You’re the light of your dog’s life, the reason he has so much joy. What’s your pup going to do without you? Easy- board your dog in a reputable kennel and he’ll have a blast.

One of the many awesome things about dogs is how adaptable they are. Feed them and treat them nicely and they’ll be your new best friend. A great pet hotel will keep your dog in a spacious kennel loaded with toys and comfy blankets.

Most kennels also have outside play areas so your dog isn’t cooped up for too long.

Choosing the Right Pet Kennel

You want your pets to be happy. This means you can’t just throw them into any old kennel that says they’re open for business. You need to make sure that you’re placing Fido into the hands of people that you can trust.

Ask these questions before booking your pet’s stay.

  • How secure is the facility?
  • Will my pet be in contact with other animals?
  • Is there anybody on staff overnight?
  • How is the staff trained?
  • Will my pet get any playtime?

It might seem like a waste of time but placing your pet in a sub-par facility is the last thing that you want to do.

Get Ready for Your Vacation

Torrance, CA residents have it easy. We know exactly where you should board your pets- right here at All Star Pet Resort! We have an amazing facility that your pets will love and you will have peace of mind that your furry friend is being well taken care of while you are away.

Some people vow never to take a pet-free vacation because they’re so concerned about how their pets will be treated by strangers. Most people, however, find that resolution to be far too extreme.

Your pets CAN thrive in a new environment. You just need to choose the right one.

Contact us today to reserve your pet’s spot at the hotel!

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