Blow Out: Top 4 Grooming Services For Your Pet

Keeping your pet clean and happy is one of the often forgotten steps to being a good pet owner. If you fail to groom your pet, You’ll likely encounter a host of problems apart from having a smelly, dirty dog. Improper dental care, for instance, can lead to devastating consequences when it comes to your pets overall health.

Here are some of the grooming services to look for the next time you bring your pet in for a visit.

A Brush and Trim

Brushing your pet is something you can do at home, but giving them a trim often requires taking them into a professional. Brushing alone helps limit the amount of fur your dog or cat sheds and leaves around the house. If your a cat owner, this means fewer hairballs your furry friend coughs up.

Regular trimming can do wonders for your dog, especially in the summer months. Keep your long-haired dogs cool and comfortable by bringing them in for a hair appointment every few months.

A Dentist Appointment

Keeping your pet’s mouth clean is extremely important. If you don’t, there’s a high chance that your dog or cat will develop pet Periodontal disease. Schedule regular appointments to limit this risk, and potentially reverse it if it’s not too late.

Although anesthesia-free cleanings might sound like a good idea, they don’t do enough to limit your pet’s risk of developing this dental condition. Anesthesia can seem intimidating, but it’s required to ensure that your dog or cat’s mouth is as clean as possible.

Medicated Baths/Flee Removal

If your dog or cat has flees, it’s best to bring them to a groomer instead of trying to eradicate them yourself. If you attempt a DIY flee removal technique, you’re probably leaving some behind that will reproduce and infest your house again.

Avoid the possibility of needing to have your house bug-bombed by bringing them to a professional. A groomer will have all the tools they need to make sure your pet comes home free of flees.

Additionally, if your pet has a skin condition, bringing them to a groomer can eliminate some of the discomfort they have. Medicated baths are one of the fantastic grooming services when it comes to keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Express Grooming

If you want to get in and out in less than an hour, choose express grooming instead of a lengthy stay at the groomer. Most dog and cat groomers offer some express service. There’s no need to wait an hour to clean your pet if they visit regularly and don’t have any specific conditions that you need to address.

The Best Grooming Services for Your Pet

Bringing your pet to the groomer is the best way to keep them looking good, feeling comfortable, and staying healthy. Groomers can check your pet for all sorts of conditions you might not catch as a pet owner.

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