Boarding Cats And Dogs That Are Part Of The Same Family

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Going on vacation and not being able to take your pets can be a distressing situation for all parties involved. This can be especially hard for dogs and cats who live together and need to be separated at different boarding facilities. Luckily, All Star Pet Resort offers accommodations for both cats and dogs!

When your cat and dog are best buddies, keeping them together while you are gone can ease the stress of the whole ordeal. We keep a close eye on your beloved animals and make sure their stay with us is nothing less than purr-fect.

Boarding Same-Home Cats And Dogs At One Facility Eases Owner Anxiety

Pet boarding can be a difficult situation for your pets, especially your cat. When a cat is placed in a facility where they can hear other dogs barking and making noises, they freak out, to put it bluntly. We’ve found that when cats are boarded in a separate area from dogs, they feel calmer and less nervous.

On the other hand, there are times when the dog is the one who is overly stressed by being boarded. Sometimes, all it takes is some one-on-one attention or a walk outside to calm them down.

It’s easier on you, the pet owner, to leave your cat and dog at a facility like ours. There’s no traveling from one boarding center to another, it saves you money, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pets are well-cared for.

We Provide Individualized Attention For Your Pets

Just like human families, cats and dogs need to spend some time apart in order to keep their sanity. Can you imagine being cooped up with your brother or sister, 24-hours a day? Neither, can we. Taking a trip to a boarding facility can give your pets some much needed time apart.

At All Star Pet Resort, our staff makes sure to take our dog guests outdoors to play as well as giving individual attention to your feline friend. We even have an outdoor kennel area for your cat.

After the day’s activities, your cat and dog will be safely housed in our cozy kennel area so they can catch some shut-eye.

Relaxing And Serene Environment

There are so many factors that make boarding your cat and dog at our facility a great choice. We provide all the love and attention that your cat and dog would receive at home. You never have to worry about your pet’s well-being when they’re with us.

While your cat and dog stay with us, they’ll be treated with love and kindness. We’ll do everything we can to make their stay comfortable. In the event that your dog or cat isn’t handling their stay well, our staff will do all they can to make them feel safe.

All Star Pet Resort Provides A-1 Boarding Services For Both Cats & Dogs

Leaving your cat or dog at a boarding facility is never an easy decision. However, our friendly and knowledgeable staff at All Star Pet Resort make pet boarding fun and relaxing. Know that your cat and dog, from the same family, will be cared for like they are our own. We’ll do everything we can to make their time with us great! Contact us for my information. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

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