Is Day Boarding A Good Fit For Your Dog?

day boarding
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There are plenty of reasons why a pet owner may need day boarding for their dog. Whether you are at work or trying to complete a project that requires the absence of your dog, we get it! All Star Pet Resort is the perfect place for your dog to hang out during the day while you get things accomplished. We do our very best to accommodate all dogs, even those that are a little on the skittish side.

Most dogs are great candidates for day boarding. Is your furry family member one of them?

So, What Exactly Is Day Boarding For Your Dog?

If you’ve ever sent your human child to daycare, day boarding for your dog is essentially the same thing. Just like little kids, your dog is fed, watered, able to nap and play, and is loved on by the staff.

Some human daycares provide preschool for children. Our day boarding facility provides structured play, learning manners, and other productive traits for your pet. Seriously, your dog is going to have a lot of fun when they spend the day with us.

Are There Dogs Who Shouldn’t Attend Day Boarding?

Unfortunately, yes, there are. However, our staff at All Star Pet Resort are highly skilled and able to work with most pups.

Sometimes, a dog may not do well being around a lot of noise, be a bit under-socialized, or just plain old fearful of leaving their familiar surroundings. These are all possible reasons that your dog may not enjoy daycare very much.

With that being said, we take pride in our ability to meet each dog where they’re at. We encourage you to bring your dog to meet us and to see if we are all a good fit for each other.

Some bad behaviors, anxieties, and other issues can actually IMPROVE while a dog is in our care during day boarding.

Which Dogs Make Great Candidates For Day Boarding?

We would like to say, “all of them” because we love all dogs! However, the best candidates for day boarding usually have a playful nature, aren’t overly anxious, and don’t consistently show aggression towards humans and other dogs.

Even if your dog does show those types of behaviors, they still may be able to come to daycare. After all, our staff knows exactly how to combat these issues in a productive, healthy way.

Your energetic, healthy dog will LOVE coming to our day boarding center.

Go To Work Knowing Your Dog Is At The Best Day Boarding Facility In Torrance, CA

Day boarding at All Star Pet Resort is the smartest way to keep your dog entertained and safe while you’re not home. Our friendly staff have hearts the size of California for your furry family member. Whether your dog is a little on the anxious side or an energetic puppy, you can be sure that we are able to accommodate them. Contact us today if you have questions.

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