Dog Boarding: How to Cope With Leaving Your Fur Baby For Travel

Dog Boarding
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Dog boarding can be tough.

Leaving your pet alone for days on end can be a traumatic experience for both you and your dog. After all, you’re breaking up the pack.

So how do you cope?

How do you leave your four-legged friend all alone with a dog boarder without traumatizing both of you?

Keep reading for a closer look at how to cope with dog boarding.

Prepare Your Furry Friend for Dog Boarding

If your dog hasn’t spent much, or any, time away from you, it’s probably a good idea to prepare them for the experience.

One way to do this is to familiarize your dog with the boarding facility or sitter beforehand.

Many vets offer boarding services. So if yours is one of them, you’re one step ahead.

If you’re not using your vet, try taking a trip to the dog boarding facility you’ll be using. A week or so ahead of time, take your dog in for a tour. Let them sniff around and meet the staff.

If your dog is familiar with the boarder, the transition will be much smoother.

Be Sure to Prep Your Dog’s Caretaker

Another vital step many dog owners do not consider is to prepare the dog’s caretaker for your pet’s stay.

Make sure you leave detailed instructions about your dog with your boarder.

The more your pet’s caretaker knows about your dog, the less likely they’ll need to get in touch with you — ensuring a smooth time away for you.

Keep Calm

Did you know your pet can sense when you’re nervous?

If you haven’t noticed, most pets seem to be ultra-sensitive to their owner’s moods.

So if you’re tense and nervous when you go to drop off your dog at the dog boarding facility, your dog’s going to know something’s up. Try to stay calm and act as if it’s just business as usual.

Pick the Right Caregiver for Your Dog

Another vital part of ensuring the time apart from your dog is a smooth transition, is your choice of caretaker.

Ensuring that you pick the right dog boarding facility is one of the most important aspects of your time apart.

If you leave your pet in a place that’s uncomfortable for them, neither of you are going to have a good experience. Choose a facility that makes your dog comfortable and gives your peace of mind.

Final Thoughts on Dog Boarding

Leaving your pet behind — even for a short time — is never easy.

But ultimately, dogs are adaptable creatures. Your pouch will likely be happier than you think when you’re away.

As long as you’ve picked a good caretaker that will devote the right kind of attention to your dog, they’ll be happy. Just make sure your dog is prepared and they’ll have a great dog boarding experience.

Want to know more about caring for your dog? Spend more time on our blog and you’ll not be disappointed.

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