Benefits Of Professional Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming in Torrance, CA
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Sure, you can brush your dog and give him a bath. Why take your furry family member to the groomers? There are several benefits for enlisting the help of a caring professional and very few of them are aesthetic in nature.

People often think that groomers are just for small dogs and just to give them that breed-specific cut. Dog grooming is great for that but is so much more. It can make such a difference for every breed, big and small.

Grooming your dog is a crucial part of taking proper care of him or her. It’s a way to determine the overall state of their skin, fur and more. During the grand opening of our grooming salon, we will showcase our experience and give your dog the expert treatment he deserves.

Why Use A Professional Dog Groomer?

Groomers have training in the management of the myriad of dog fur out there, whether it is the thick, double-coat of a German Shepherd or the dense, curly, single coat of a poodle. Not all dog fur is created equally. Each breed has a different type and mixed breeds are unique in their own right.

An experienced groomer will have the training and experience to understand the differences in dog coats, how best to care for them, and what the purpose each type of coat has. Just like a human hairstylist, they’ve got specific, expensive equipment that makes all the difference in the care of your pet.

Your dog’s trusted groomer will perform a health check on your dog. A dog’s health is reflected in his skin, the state of his coat, teeth, gums, ears as well as other areas. While carefully working on your dog, they can pick up on hidden lumps, scratches, hot spots and even wounds.

It is easy for even the most caring dog owner to miss important signs of deeper underlying issues.

Once a hot spot is pointed out, for example, you can then take the steps necessary to make your furry friend more comfortable, whether that involves a change in food, a supplement, or a trip to the vet.

Speaking of that vet check, dog grooming helps get him used to being handled by someone he doesn’t know, which is a form of socialization. Then when it comes time to go to the vet, he may very well be more accepting of the process of being handled and scrutinized by the veterinary staff.

With dog grooming, your dog will have a chance to socialize with a person who is gentle, and can look forward to seeing their groomer on a regular basis. They will learn that they come out feeling good.

Summary: A professional dog groomer has specific expertise to effectively manage various types of fur. They will also perform an important health check on your dog as well as assist in socialization skills.


How Will Dog Grooming Help My Dog’s Skin And Coat?

Using specific tools, your pet will be brushed thoroughly and gently. The mess that ensues will be in the grooming salon, not on your clean floors at home. This session removes dead hair, dirt and dander. The health of your dog’s skin and coat can start to be assessed at this stage.

Fur tangles actually require a specific technique to remove. They can become painful mats and knots if not taken care of. Removing them brings comfort to your pup, taking away the pulling he is feeling from the knots.

Those areas tend to irritate the skin, whether from scratching or for other reasons. They are likely to hide painful, itchy hot spots and provide a hiding place for pests, such as fleas and ticks. The skin underneath can even become a wound as the dog scratches in an effort to relieve discomfort and itching.

Mats can tear the skin, reduce circulation, be the cause of skin irritations and even restrict movement. Of course dogs don’t complain the way people do, and you may not even be aware this is happening to your beloved pet.

Your dog will be washed with coat and skin specific shampoos, which are designed to make the grooming process easier for the dog and enhance the health of his coat. The bathing process is actually safer and less stressful for a dog in the right grooming salon, since they aren’t slipping and sliding in a home bathtub or dealing with cold hose water outdoors, where they may be just picking up more fleas.

The fur is expertly detangled and made to look beautiful again. The important part though is, you’ll know you are a responsible pet parent when your dog comes out clearly energetic and bursting with playfulness. Dog grooming actually makes dogs feel better. They know they are cared for and simply feel much better.

The fur is carefully dried, so no need to worry about your car or home getting wet. They won’t be picking up any extra dirt, as they might at home when they run like a rocket out of the bathroom, still wet, with no way of getting fully dried. Human blow dryers aren’t designed for dogs and can be very dangerous and frightening to a dog.

Summary: A dog’s skin and coat are the mirror of his health. A groomer relieves discomfort by removing mats and identifying skin issues.


Why Is Expert Nail Clipping So Important?

Another service the groomer provides is nail clipping. Very few dog owners are comfortable with clipping their dog’s nails. Many dogs fear the process and either won’t let you do it, or wiggle around so much that you end up clipping the quick, which is painful for them. Then of course they don’t trust you the next time.

The great thing about having a groomer clip his nails, is that your bond with your fur baby need not be compromised by including this stressful routine at home. Leave it to a professional, who is confident and knows how to identify where the quick of the nail is. For a professional, it is a quick, precise procedure that goes much more smoothly than it tends to in the home environment.

Having your dog’s nails clipped is another important way to improve his health. A groomer can check the health of a dog’s paws and the state of his nails. They will also look between his toes to make sure there are no hidden cuts, stickers or pests.

Many people don’t realize that when a dog’s nails get too long it can actually be painful for them to walk. They also can hurt themselves when they scratch or even hurt the people around them unintentionally, because their nails have become long and sharp.

Dogs tend to use their nails for a lot more than you may have time to notice, and can end up with split nails or worse. When a dog isn’t walked frequently on certain types of terrain, the nails aren’t naturally filed down by surfaces. In addition, the various surfaces they do encounter can wreak havoc on those sensitive pads and nails.

Summary: Eliminate stressful and ineffective nail clipping sessions at home by allowing an expert to take over. Nail clipping can keep a dog’s paws healthy in many ways.

Dog Grooming Can Involve Much More Than A Wash And A Brush

There are many potential areas to focus on and we will help you determine what your pet needs. Ear cleaning is another important, yet easy to overlook health issue. It’s crucial it is done safely, by someone who knows what to look for.

Some dogs require anal gland expression, which is a necessity in some of our packages. Whether your pet needs flea treatment, de-skunking odor relief or another of our services, we have specialized treatments to meet your loved one’s needs.

Contact or call us today at 310-320-8799 to find out why All Star Pet Resort is a superior choice for your pet. Experience our grand opening, where we intend to win you and your dog over! Learn which dog grooming services will help your furry buddy feel great again! In need of a pet boarding facility? Make sure to check out our pet boarding services as well!

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