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Advantages Of Cat Boarding While You Are Away

Advantages Of Cat Boarding While You Are Away


When you’re getting ready to leave town, it’s easy to scoff at cat boarding and think that cats are self-sufficient and can pretty much care for themselves while you’re gone, maybe with a little bit of help from your family and friends. While your cat may survive your trip if you leave them home alone, there are many advantages to cat boarding that you should consider before you need to leave town again. Here are some advantages of cat boarding while you are away.

Cat Boarding Keeps Your Cat Safe

The inside of your home seems like it would be inherently safe, but there are a wide variety of hidden dangers that your cat could discover while you’re away. When you’re at home, your cat may only play with hair ties, but when you’re away, they may get frustrated and swallow one, resulting in an obstruction. Your cat could miscalculate a jump and break a leg. Somebody could even burglarize your home and injure your cat or allow them to escape.

With cat boarding, you don’t need to worry about any of that. You can enjoy your trip knowing that your cat is safe and being monitored in addition to being played with, cuddled, and fed.

You Can Be Sure Your Cat Never Runs Out Of Food Or Water

Sure, you could leave your cat home alone for a few days with big bowls of food and water, but what’s to stop your cat from toppling the water bowl after you don’t come home the first night? Unless your cat drinks from the toilet or you have several bowls of water throughout the house, your cat could easily knock over their entire supply of drinking water.

About one in three cats will develop kidney disease as they age, and even one or two days without access to water can increase the likelihood of kidney stones or other damage. Cat boarding gives you the peace of mind that your cat’s water bowl will always be clean.


Daily Litter Box Cleaning Is A Benefit Of Cat Boarding

Cats have an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and even just a few days without having their litter box scooped out may cause them to avoid the litter box altogether. Once your cat starts to avoid the litter box due to the smell, they may develop a new favorite place to “go,” and it may be hard to rid your cat of the habit once you return.

Daily litter box cleaning is one of the perks of cat boarding. Your kitty will be pleased to have a clean litter box and won’t create a new area to go – like your laundry basket.

Love And Cuddles Are Provided

Just because cats have an independent attitude doesn’t mean they don’t need love and attention every day. Even if they would be physically fine being left home alone for a few days, the experience may cause a negative psychological impact.

With cat boarding, your cat gets love, cuddles, and play time every day to keep them mentally stimulated and happy. Since they were kept entertained, they’ll be happy to see you again when you come back for them. After several days of loneliness and boredom, your cat would likely be upset with you and give quite a cold greeting upon your return.


Cats Don’t Like To Travel

Whereas a dog might be able to join you on your travels, most cats don’t like to travel. Anybody who has had to listen to their cat scream on the way to the vet can attest to the fact that the average cat doesn’t appreciate a car trip or a plane flight, and an unfamiliar hotel room just means new hiding places.

Since your cat can’t come with you, they should get to enjoy a safe hotel experience with cat boarding. It’s a much safer option than taking them with you or leaving them home alone.

Cat Boarding Reduces The Odds Of Your Cat Running Away

It may be tempting to leave your cat home alone and hire a pet sitter or bribe a friend or family member to stop by once or twice a day to check on your cat, feed them, fill the water bowl, clean out the littler box, and give the cat some love. However, you never know when the person you trust with your cat will let them slip out the door in a flash of frightened fur.

Cat boarding is very secure, with each cat or family of cats in their own kitty condo in a wing reserved exclusively for cats. The odds of your cat escaping from cat boarding are slim to none, so you know your fur child will be waiting when you come to pick them up after your trip.

You Won’t Have A Stranger In Your Home

If you don’t have friends or family who can pop in and check on your kitty, you may need to rely on hiring a pet sitter. There are several apps these days that allow you to hire a supposedly reputable pet sitter, but can you guarantee they won’t steal your jewelry or throw a party in your home while you’re away?

With cat boarding, you’re only trusting people with your cat (which is a big enough responsibility) instead of trusting them with your entire home. You can put a hold on your mail and newspaper and set your lights on timers to make it look like somebody’s at home; there’s no need to trust a stranger with two of your biggest assets at once (your cat and your home).


Cat Boarding Lets Your Friends And Family Off The Hook

Sure, you probably have friends and family who have watched your cat in the past, but it may be more of an inconvenience than they let on. Is your home really “not that far out of the way” for your friend or family member to stop by on their way home from work to attend to your cat? You would do anything for your friends and family, and vice versa, but how much of an inconvenience is it when you need to return the favor?

Cat boarding means you don’t need to ask your friends and family to do the favor of watching your cat while you’re gone. Yes, they would probably agree to watch your cat, but do you want to deal with any secret irritation they hold back from you about doing the favor?

Medication Management And Veterinary Care

Accidents and illnesses can occur without warning. Cat boarding allows your cat to receive veterinary care much more quickly than they would if you just had somebody stopping by your home once or twice a day to feed your cat and clean out the litter box. Some cat boarding facilities have veterinarians on staff or on call, and all cat boarding facilities have a relationship with a 24-hour emergency veterinarian.

Many cat boarding facilities will also administer medication to your cat while you’re away, which is something you may not want to trust your friends, family, or pet sitter to take care of.

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