5 Tips For Proper Dog Socialization

Dog Socialization
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What is dog socialization?

It’s actually pretty simple – it’s a way of making sure your canine companion is… well, companionable.

Dog socialization is an important method of shaping your pet’s personality, demeanor, and temperament so that they’ll respond positively to different scenarios.

They are pack animals, after all. And it’s proven that they live happier and healthier lives if they are introduced to other dogs, as well as a variety of circumstances, places, and people.

Whether you’re welcoming a new puppy to your family or adopting an older dog, teaching your pooch to be sociable in the right way means you’ll shape a loving pet who will be open to more possibilities and will lack prejudice.

So – how do we socialize our dogs?

Dog Socialization at Home

The American Kennel Club suggests that socializing a puppy is most effective right after birth, with the aim to have introduced them to a number of circumstances by the time they reach 16 weeks.

Whether you have a pup or an older rescue dog, the best place to start is at home – they’re on their own turf and will feel at ease.

The social element comes if you fit regimented play-times into your home life.

Play with your dog in the surroundings they’re used to.

And as time goes on, start involving friends or family as well, to ease them into other interactions.

Onward and Outward

Exercise is a key ingredient to caring for your pet pooch, and their daily walks are the perfect opportunity to ramp up their social lives.

There’s a certain sense of unity when it comes to dog owners, so use your trip to the park to meet and chat to other animal lovers, while your pet interacts with theirs.

Reward Your Pooch

One way of socializing your dog, as well as giving them a treat at the same time, is to take them to be groomed.

For grooming in a calm, clean, and safe environment that not only nurtures your pet but gives him or her that interaction with another caring human, All Star Pet Resort has it covered.

With treatments including shampoos, haircuts, doggy manicures and air fluff drying, your dog will feel spoilt, while learning the valuable lesson of trusting humans who aren’t you.

Dog Socialization and Boarding

Similarly, All Star Pet Resort offers a day boarding service, for dog owners with a frantic schedule.

Not only will you know your pet is being well cared for while you’re out all day, you can rest assured that he or she is turning into a social butterfly.

At the Resort, your dog will play in a private outdoor yard and individual outdoor run, with the on-site carers or the other dogs being boarded.

Avoid the Pitfalls

It’s easy to run into issues with dog socialization. One common pitfall is putting training to the wayside in order to force positive interactions with others.

A pet dog should always be well-behaved. So, while socializing him or her, make sure you retain rules too.

If a dog-on-dog meeting looks like it could go awry, ensure you have an exit strategy. And if your pet begins to bark or react fearfully towards another animal, don’t scold them.

Don’t pander to them either. Ignore their mood and they’ll soon understand that there’s no need to overreact in sociable scenarios.

Socialize and Pamper

For further information on All Star Pet Resort’s grooming and boarding services, check out our website or get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through all the resources we have on offer.

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