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What Exactly Does Micro-Chipping Your Pet Mean?

What Exactly Does Micro-Chipping Your Pet Mean?


As pet parents, we welcome pets into our homes and into our hearts. Dogs and cats are not just pets; they’re family. It’s important to keep pets safe, happy, and healthy so they can live great lives. When you get a dog, especially a puppy, it’s wise to do everything you can to make sure they are safe in your care. One of the best things a new puppy or kitten parent can do is get their pet micro-chipped!

Micro-Chipping Is An Essential Part Of Pet Health

Micro-chipping is a simple procedure that can be done in minutes. A tiny chip is embedded under a pet’s skin. This chip is smaller than a grain of rice and holds all of the information needed to identify your pet, in the event, he or she gets away from home. The best thing about a pet micro-chip is that it cannot be removed or become unreadable.

One in three pets will become lost in their lifetime, so micro-chipping is essential! The micro-chip is embedded under your dog or cat’s skin, in between their shoulder blades. It requires no power or batteries and will not move from the spot in which it is implanted. Micro-chipping is only mildly invasive, like a vaccination.

Keep in mind that a micro-chip is not a GPS tracking device. It will not be able to directly guide you to your pet’s location, but the micro-chip will make it easy for you to be contacted when your pet is found. Lost pets that have been micro-chipped are more than 20 times likely to be reunited with their owners.

Recovering A Micro-Chipped Pet

When your pet becomes lost, it’s best not to panic. The first step to being reunited with your dog or cat is contacting the micro-chip service that provided the chip for your pet. They can look up the identification number on the micro-chip to see if it has been scanned at a shelter or veterinary hospital. The micro-chip service will also contact vet hospitals, volunteer pet rescuers, and animal shelters in your area to see if any chipped dogs or cats have been turned in.

Over 50,000 micro-chip scanners are in circulation around the United States, so there are plenty of places that can scan your pet’s micro-chip if they become lost. Your contact information is stored in the micro-chip services database, so if the chip is scanned, you will be contacted in a timely manner and alerted to your pet’s whereabouts. With a micro-chip, being reunited with your pet has never been easier!

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