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Dog Boarding: Be Sure You Have All The Necessities!

Dog Boarding: Be Sure You Have All The Necessities!

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At All Star Pet Resort, your pet will enjoy the high-quality accommodations and amenities that we provide to all of our overnight guests. We know that every pet is different and that your dog may come to us with unique needs and preferences. During your dog’s stay at our hotel, our goal is to keep your pet comfortable, free from stress, healthy, and happy.

You can help us achieve that goal by remembering to pack any necessities that will enhance your pet’s stay with us. To make sure that your dog feels at home, we have provided the following list of things to consider packing in your pet’s bag for their dog boarding stay.

Your Pet’s Dietary Needs

We provide Pedigree dry dog food for our hotel guests, and we will distribute it according to your instructions. If your dog has special dietary needs or particular food preferences, however, you are welcome to bring your own food from home.

We will also distribute treats and supplements brought from home that your pet needs when staying with us. You do not have to worry about hydration at our resort because we will provide your pooch with an endless supply of fresh water.

Medical Needs And Vaccination Records

We are committed to our guests’ health, safety, and well-being, which is why vaccination records are required for every pet that stays with us. Required vaccination records for dogs include current rabies (within 12 months or 36 months), Bordetella within the past six months, and current Distemper/Parvo.

We do not give pet injections, but we will administer oral and topical medications. All medications must be in original packaging with clear instructions for use. You may also leave medications to be given on an as-needed basis while staying with us, such as medicine for anxiety or ear drops for heat spots.

Canine Comfort And Dog Boarding

We provide cozy fleece-style bedding and blankets in our spacious sleeping areas. If you have special blankets or pillows for your pet, feel free to bring them so your pet can snuggle up with the comforts of home. We also welcome anxiety vests and other items that make your canine feel safe and comfortable.

Playtime For Your Dog

We have spacious play yards and dog runs so that your pet gets plenty of outdoor fun and exercise while you are away. We encourage you to bring any favorite toys from home that will make your dog’s playtime even more enjoyable.

Only The Best Dog Boarding For Your Pet

We know that your dog is a part of your family and that only the best will do when it comes to dog boarding for your pet. At All Star Pet Resort, our staff members will treat your dog with care and love. With the necessities that you pack for your pooch and the services and amenities that we provide, you can relax, knowing that your pet is enjoying our canine home away from home.

Contact us at 310-320-8799 or book a reservation online for your pet. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about our resort and the services that we offer.

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