4 Reasons To Invest In Cat Grooming In Los Angeles

Cat Grooming
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Around 35% of United States households have a cat. Learn how professional cat grooming can benefit your cat.

Over 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States. Every cat with an owner deserves to be professionally groomed. It’s the cat equivalent of going to the salon.

Here are 4 reasons why grooming is a worthy investment for cat owners:

1. Groomers Calm Down Cats For Cat Grooming

Professional pet grooming involves knowing how to handle different animals. Chances are a professional groomer deals with all kinds of cat personalities. They’ll know how to calm down your cat while grooming them.

It’s hard to bathe and brush a cat on our own. Most of the time, cats get frustrated with home grooming and walk away or resist the cleaning. Let a professional handle the situation.

When you bathe a cat, you have to deal with your kitty’s death stare and the possibility of your cat being displeased with you. A groomer won’t take your cat’s attitude personally.

Groomers often use treats and other smart tactics to get cats to comply with grooming.

2. Early Warning Signs & Massage

It’s beneficial to let a groomer take a thorough look at your cat. Groomers know how to spot signs of illness such as skin discoloration, rashes, lumps, bald patches, skin lesions, bleeding, gum discoloration, and more.

Getting a groomer’s input can be valuable because they know when certain signs require a veterinarian visit.

Your cat might need a massage. That’s right – groomers can massage your cats while grooming them.

Groomers massage cats because they know the different muscles in a cat’s body. If you try to massage your cat at home, you might hurt them.

3. Luxury Experience With Experts

Taking your cat to the groomer is a luxurious and healthy experience. There, your cat gets all brushed, cleaned, and dolled up to perfection. You can try to groom your cat at home, but the results you’ll get from a groomer will be much better.

Professional groomers know which products to use for different cats. If you have a cat with long hair, you know that luscious coat needs a special conditioner. You can trust a groomer will have different brushes and supplies for different types of fur.

You can get special treatments like Winter-protection paw wax. You can also get extra hair treatments to make your cat’s hair super soft and touchable. Ask your cat groomer about the different treatments available for cats.

4. Hassle-Free Nail Trimming

Trimming your cat’s nails is a dangerous chore. You run the risk of getting scratched without any progress being made.

When you groom your cat at home, you need to go out and buy a tool for cutting your cat’s nails. Then you actually have to attempt to cut your cat’s nails, all while your cat fights you.

When you hire a groomer, somebody else is doing this job. A professional, nonetheless, and they already have special tools required for trimming pets’ nails.

Leave Cat Grooming To A Professional

Worldwide, there are more cats kept as pets (75 million) than dogs (70 million). Let professional cat grooming make your life easier.

There are anywhere from 220 million to 600 million cats in the world. That’s not even counting stray cats. Doesn’t your special kitty deserve a quality grooming session?

Discover what professional pet grooming can do for you. You’ll be glad you did it. Contact us today!

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