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A warning tonight from a local vet: obesity is just as bad for your pets as it is for you. An epidemic of obesity in cats and dogs is causing a host of health problems. Cats are facing an epidemic of type two diabetes, dogs are plagued with cardiovascular disease and joint problems.

But their problem, is us. Their human owners just feed them too much, and the wrong things, like table scraps.

West Los Angeles veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber was our guest on Studio 11, and he shared some information about overweight pets with the assistance of calico Cat Chloe, and pug, Chuckles, who both struggle with their own, ahem, girth issues.

For instance: three quarters of obese pets have overweight owners. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, people!

Neutered animals burn 40 percent fewer calories than un-neutered pets, but don’t use that as an excuse not to get your pets fixed!

Pets will eat as much as you feed them, so watch what you put in that bowl, and you may want to put the dish away after the meal and not leave it out all day.

And get this: the average dog can survive on just 6 Milkbones a day! Of course, that’s not the optimum doggie diet.

Bottom line is , your pet’s bottom line is dependent on your good judgement.

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