Pet Boarding: Choosing The Right One

pet boarding
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Boarding your pet is no easy choice. Many pet owners feel nervous or guilty about leaving their pet in the care of staff of people they do not know. Dogs and cats may suffer from anxiety when left. In addition, some dogs as well as cats need special diets or medications.

However, leaving your pet alone for long periods will often result in separation anxiety and undesirable behaviors like chewing on household objects or trying to escape. Anxious pooches may even poo and then eat their excrement.

What Are The Advantages Of Pet Boarding?

Selecting a facility can be intimidating because you love your pet. You also know your animal well and may worry about them getting into antics while at the kennel.

Of course, no owner wants their furry companion anywhere that is dangerous or where the staff is unkind or poorly trained. Owners sometimes choose to hire pet-sitters, but they are rarely skilled or qualified. If you want a safe, lasting solution, a boarding facility is your best option.

The Advantages Of Pet Boarding Or Daycare

  • Exercise is a big bonus of boarding your dog while you are away. They will be allowed time to run and play and get out excess energy.
  • Attention from the staff will keep them feeling safe and loved and they will become better socialized and able to handle new people, smells, sights, sounds, etc.
  • Leaving your dog home holding his bladder is not fun for anyone and will often lead to accidents. Going to a pet boarding facility eliminates that issue.
  • Mental stimulation is a huge factor in the development of a happy and healthy dog. Dogs who are in daycare will be stimulated all day and come home both physically and mentally exhausted.
  • Boarding can help with separation anxiety because being alone can be extremely difficult for many pets. We will talk more about separation anxiety in a later section.

Summary: Pet boarding is nerve-wracking because pets are like family, but they can enjoy their boarding experiences if you choose the right kennel.

pet boarding

How Can You Choose The Right Pet Boarding Facility?

Before we discuss how to make this decision, remember what works best for one animal might not for another. The most important thing is that you get to know the facility and consider things like:

  • Staff training and expertise
  • Certifications and regulations
  • Safety and security
  • Cleanliness and hygiene

Be certain that the boarding kennel follows local guidelines and adheres to a set of professional ethics and practice standards. As with any business, a well-trained, happy and competent staff is essential to success. In the kennel industry this safeguards the health and well-being of your pet. Look for kindheartedness, patience, empathy, a solid understanding of dog and cat behavior and a rapport with them as well. Ask what type of training, and how much, the staff receives.

Be sure you know exactly where your pet will be housed. Pay attention to the following:

  • Is it secure? How tall is the fencing? What do the cages or kennels look like?
  • Will the your pet have ample space to move about?
  • Is it clean? Does the area your pet will be in look sanitary and hygienic?
  • Does it smell? Of course, there is no way to completely eliminate any odors in a pet facility but there is a difference between an odor and an all-out stink.

Other questions to ask include:

  • What personal items can your pet bring from home?
  • Can owners bring their pet’s food?
  • Will the kennel accommodate special diets?
  • How are dogs and cats exercised?
  • What is the facility’s emergency plan?

Summary: Choosing the right facility for your pet requires research and you should not be afraid to ask lots of questions.

pet boarding

What Is Separation Anxiety?

Some pets develop separation anxiety. This can make it a real nightmare to leave them alone – even for short periods of time. A lonely and frightened pet can destroy a house, injure itself or bark until the neighbors call the cops.

Though no one really knows why animals develop separation anxiety, it is thought that loss of a significant person in an animal’s life can be a cause. Also, other sudden changes may trigger the disorder. If your pet suffers from this type of anxiety, a safe and loving pet resort can be a home away from home where they can relax and feel secure.

Counterconditioning is a treatment process for separation anxiety in which the animal’s fears are replaced with things that he or she loves. For pets with separation anxiety, counterconditioning focuses on developing an association between their guardian leaving and positive things. If you will be leaving your dog or cat with a boarder, find ways to make the trip to the facility fun by always giving them a treat on the car ride, for example.

Over time, your pet will draw a correlation between a tasty treat and the boarder. It is also advisable to start with shorter trips and gradually lengthen them, if possible. Daycare services will allow them to get a sense of the place and the sights and smells around them. Then, let them stay overnight.

Summary: Separation anxiety is an intense fear of being alone or away from a guardian but can be counteracted by patient and loving owners and boarders.

Choosing The Right Pet Boarding Facility Gives You Peace Of Mind!

While pet boarding facilities are not meant to be home, they should be a home away from home. You should feel happy dropping your pet off. It is not so different than finding care for a child. If you can leave your pet with people you trust in a place that feels safe, then you will have a much easier vacation, day at work or business trip.

We can help you and your dog find that “home away from home”. We offer pet boarding for both cats and dogs, as well as day boarding. Reach out to talk to us about you and your pet’s needs to see how we can help: (310) 320-8799. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more great articles and information about pet boarding and more.

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