Cleaning Hacks to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes, Furniture, Floors and More

Cleaning Hacks to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes, Furniture, Floors and More

Do you pride yourself on a clean home and hair-free clothes?

Unless you have a breed of dog that doesn’t shed or shed frequently, then you’re not going to get that pristine outfit and dustless house. Your job gets even harder when bringing in a new dog while a cat already claims your home as its territory.

Just think of all the hair that collects under your couch!

However, we’ve compiled a few cleaning hacks you can use in your house and to remove dog hair from clothes you want to keep looking nice.

Remove Dog Hair from Clothes and Homes

As we said, unless you have a dog that barely sheds your home and clothes are going to be constantly covered with dog hair.

This is, of course, by no fault of the dog itself. Most animals with hair or fur go through stages of shedding. Even humans shed hair!

Due to this constant state of hair loss and regrowth, you have to constantly be cleaning your home and remove dog hair from clothes.

Except, getting rid of dog hair can be easier than you think when done properly and with the right tools.

Lint Rollers Are Your Other Best Friend

Lint rollers are your best friend that save you from your furry best friend.

While a lint roller can work wonders on removing hair and lint from your clothes, they can also be used to remove dog hair from other surfaces.

Does your couch suffer from being your dog’s favorite bed in the house? A lint roller can easily take care of the hair and leave your couch clean again.

Don’t forget your dog’s bed too!

The only drawback to a lint roller is that they get used up rather quickly. If you have a dog that sheds a mountain, then you’ll be buying a new lint roller every two weeks or so.

Packing Tape as an Alternative

If you don’t have a lint roller or don’t like how quickly one can run out, you can use packing tape or duct tape as an alternative instead.

The tape will pick up dog hair just as well and can last longer than a lint roller.

However, the adhesive glue is stronger on tape than it is on a lint roller, so you should be aware of any fragile fabrics around the house or in your wardrobe.

Dryer Sheets Work Wonders

Dryer sheets can remove dog hair from clothes just as easily as lint rollers, if not even better than a lint roller.

Shove your hair-ridden clothes into the dryer with a dryer sheet first to reduce static electricity. Afterward, go about your regular laundry routine.

You’ll notice that more dog hair will have been removed from your clothes once you’re done with laundry.

Add Vinegar Too

The dryer sheet method works even better when paired with vinegar.

After you’ve had your clothes in the dryer, put them in the washer on your typical cycle.

However, before you run the wash, you’ll need to add just a touch of vinegar.

Vinegar, like dryer sheets, will reduce the static electricity that allows your dog’s hair to cling so easily to your clothes.

Rubber Gloves Anyone?

If you have rubber gloves lying around the house, then you can put them to work cleaning your couches and carpets of dog hair too.

The rubber and textured side of the gloves are perfect for attracting dog hair.

All you need to do is put on a glove, wet it if you prefer, and run the palm over the surface you want to clean of dog hair.

The hair will attach to the glove like glue. Afterward, it is only a matter of running the glove under water to rinse it off.

Blankets Everywhere

An easier way to keep your couches clean is to use blankets you don’t mind sacrificing to a worthy cause.

Simply lay the blanket down on the areas your dog loves to cuddle on, and that’s it!

The dog hair will get on the blanket, and all you need to worry about is washing it once a week.

Floors Need Love Too

To clean a carpet of dog hair, we recommend a rubber broom, which does exist if you’ve never heard or seen of them.

The rubber of the broom will attract the dog hair, and you’ll probably have a pile of it in no time after the first pass.

Of course, if you have hardwood floors or tile, then you’ll want to use a damp mop.

Vacuuming hard flooring usually leaves tons of dog hair behind. So, once you’ve vacuumed, you can take a slightly damp mop and snatch up any leftover hair.

Like with the rubber broom, the damp mop will catch the hair leftover, and all you’ll need to do once you’ve finished is clean the mop off.

Reduce the Shed

The best advice we can offer is to tackle the problem at the source first.

Grooming your furry baby on a regular basis reduces the amount of hair you need to clean up.

Even if you can’t groom your dog, there are plenty of grooming services out there that will do it for you.

In fact, we offer grooming services for dogs and cats so give us a call at 310-320-8799 and check us out!

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