How to Stop Your Dog from Shedding

You love your dog, but you probably don’t love the way he sheds his coat all over your home.

Shedding is one of those things you put up with because you love your furry pal, but does it have to be?

Especially if you or someone in your home has allergies, shedding can be a literal pain. Fifteen percent of the population has a pet allergy, which can be debilitating if chronic.

Making a few changes to your dog’s care could be just what the vet ordered. Here’s how to stop your dog from shedding with a few simple remedies.

How to Stop Your Dog from Shedding With Nutrition

Just like their human parents, dogs need the right mix of nutrients and vitamins to look their best. Poor nutrition can cause excessive shedding in pups.

Specific needs can vary based on breed, age, and health. However, reputable dog food companies do their research.

Choose a brand that lists a meat product as the first ingredient instead of hard-to-digest grains. Dogs need high amounts of protein and fat. Without these nutrients, their coat can become brittle and start to fall out.

Fatty acids are also essential to make sure your dog’s coat is as healthy as can be. Just add a spoonful of olive oil to his food. This can make a world of difference without overloading your dog on vitamins.

Ask the vet if Omega-3 and Omega-6 supplements could benefit your canine companion. Omega acids are terrific for skin health and could be great for your dog even after the shedding stops.

Making sure your dog has access to plenty of clean water can also cut down on excess shedding. Dehydration can cause the skin to dry out, leading to shedding.

Proper Grooming: The Key to a Soft, Healthy Coat

When it comes to scaling back the shedding in your home, there’s no substitute for a little elbow grease. Making sure your dog is clean and brushed will reduce his shedding problem.

Brush your dog regularly, even daily if possible. This will allow you to snag dead, loose hairs before they hit the ground or furniture. Frequent brushing distributes the natural oils on your dog’s skin, resulting in a softer, healthier coat.

There are various grooming tools on the market to help curb problem shedding. A brush that helps remove loose hair will work better than a regular dog brush. The vet can recommend one based on your dog’s individual needs.

Bathing is also a key step in cutting back on the fur flying around your home. When done before a grooming session, it will encourage shedding in the tub.

Talk to your vet to create the best bathing schedule for your pet. Ask for his advice on how to stop your dog from shedding. After a careful examination, he will prescribe the best treatment.


There is no one foolproof way to cut back on excess shedding. It all comes down to your pet’s individual needs. Check out our blog for more tips on keeping your dog healthy and happy!

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