5 Reasons to Adopt Your Next Pet from an Animal Rescue Center

5 Reasons to Adopt Your Next Pet from an Animal Rescue Center

Thinking of adding a new furry friend to your family?

Before you decide to buy a pet, be sure to consider adopting from a local animal rescue center.

By adopting instead of shopping, you’ll avoid supporting an unethical breeding industry. You’ll also give an abandoned pet a second chance at life and save money on medical and adoption bills.

Not convinced yet? Keep reading for five reasons you should adopt your next pet.

1. You’ll Save a Life

Every year, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. It’s a heartbreaking statistic, but you can make a difference by choosing to adopt your next pet.

While you can’t save every animal, giving a loving home to just one cat or dog can make an unimaginable difference.

If you’re keen to help as many animals as possible, try to adopt a pet may not have as great a chance of being adopted by someone else. Sadly, pets with injuries, behavioral issues, or special medical needs are often left behind.

Whichever animal you choose to adopt, you’ll know that you’ve saved a life.

2. Some Vet Bills Will Be Covered

When you adopt from an animal rescue center, pets have usually had a checkup and received routine vaccinations. Most likely, they’ve also been spayed or neutered.

This saves you lots of money on veterinary bills, which makes keeping your pet more affordable.

In some cases, shelters will offer a special grant to help you care for a pet with special medical or dietary needs.

When you buy a pet from a store or a breeder, you don’t get any help with bills. This is another reason to consider adoption instead.

3. The Adoption Won’t Cost a Fortune

Adopting a pet usually comes with a small fee which helps the rescue center to keep operating.

This fee is almost always lower than the cost of purchasing a pet, and you can be sure it’s going to a good cause.

If you want a new pet and you’re not fussy about the breed, adoption is the cheapest option to choose.

4. Your Pet May Already Be Trained

Worried about training a new kitten or puppy? When you adopt from a shelter, there’s a good chance your new pet has already been housetrained.

Most animals are in shelters because owners have given them up. This means they already know what it’s like to live with people.

If you’re looking for a pet that won’t require much training, adopting an adult from a shelter is smarter than buying a puppy or kitten.

5. You Could Inspire Others to Adopt

People love cute adoption stories.

When you adopt a pet, you’ll be able to share the experience with friends. You might even motivate them to make the same choice.

You’ll be saving the lives of multiple animals and raising awareness for an important cause. And, of course, you’ll also have an adorable new pet.

Why Adopt from an Animal Rescue Center?

Adopting is kinder, cheaper, and easier than buying from a pet store. You’ll be saving lives, saving money, and encouraging others to make responsible decisions.

If you love animals, why not rescue one who really needs a home?

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