4 of The Most Common Dog Illnesses

Dog Illnesses
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Six out of ten Americans own pets.

Both dogs and cats rank as top pets of choice for families. Dogs bring out the good in us and are lifelong companions to love you no matter what.

If you own a dog, there are several dog illnesses that you need to be aware of.

Read on to learn more about these illnesses and the signs you must pay attention to if your dog acts out.

Four Common Dog Illnesses

1. Worms

One of the most common dog illnesses involves tapeworms, whipworms, and roundworms.

These worms are internal parasites that cause severe health problems for many dog breeds. Some signs of parasites living in your dog include diarrhea, a change in weight or appetite and vomiting.

You can take your dog to the vet to investigate the possibility of worms.

Our team at All Star Pet Resort recommend that you take care of this problem as soon as possible. Your vet will determine what type of worm has entered his or her body. Your vet can prescribe an oral medication to eradicate the worms.

2. Fleas

Another common dog illness includes fleas. Nearly every dog will experience some type of flea

If you see your dog excessively lick and scratch at their coat, your dog may be experiencing signs of fleas.

You can protect your dog from fleas by using flea and tick medication at a young age. However, if your dog does not stop itching, you will need to attack the issue with a treatment.

Look for hot spots on your dog’s coat. These spots will be visibly red and inflamed areas that have been infected by the fleas. Antibiotics will help soothe these hot spots immediately.

Do not leave these spots untreated because they could worsen and cause more harm to your best friend.

3. Obesity

Dog illnesses can affect your dog in more ways than you think.

Make sure not to overfeed your dog on a daily basis. Obesity is yet one more health problem that may turn into a lifelong problem if not treated.

Your dog may be at risk for other diseases such as heart disease or arthritis if he or she continues to be overweight.

4. Dog Illnesses Include Cancer, Too

Unfortunately, cancer does not only affect humans.

Dogs are also susceptible to cancers, such as melanoma, breast cancer and lymphoma. These dangerous cancers can be prevented if you keep your dog on a diet high in good protein and fat.

Check your dog on a regular basis for anything out of the ordinary. There could be unexpected lumps or bumps along your dog’s coat that may indicate the first signs of cancer.

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