4 Ways To Prevent Kennel Stress During Pet Boarding

4 Ways To Prevent Kennel Stress During Pet Boarding

When an owner goes on a trip, they usually cannot take their dog with them. Unless they have a friend who is willing to dog sit for them, the dog would need to go to a kennel for pet boarding. Even though most kennels take excellent care of the dogs that they are boarding, the dog can suffer from kennel stress. There are a few things that owners can do to limit the amount of stress the dog feels while it is at the kennel.

Condition the Dog to the Cage

Since most dogs are used to roaming the house and going where they please, being locked in a kennel can be very stressful. To reduce the dog’s stress, the owner can start to condition the dog for its stay. Putting the dog in a kennel or crate at the house or in a small bedroom by itself is a good way to get prepare the dog for the time at the kennel.

Prevent Separation Anxiety

When a dog feels separation anxiety from their owner or the other dogs in the house it can cause the dog to get stressed out. A few weeks before the owner leaves for the trip, they should start spending a few hours a day away from the dog. If there are multiple dogs in the home, the owner should keep the dogs apart for a few hours each day to prepare them for their time apart.

Visit the Facility

Just because a person owns and runs a dog kennel, it doesn’t mean that they understand how every dog behaves. Dogs have different personalities and likes and dislikes. Before the owner leaves for their trip, they should visit the kennel and discuss their dog’s personality with the owner. The more the kennel owner understands about the dog, the easier they can make the dog’s stay.

Bring Something Familiar

It is a good idea to bring something to the kennel that the dog is familiar with and that might make it feel more comfortable. This could be their favorite blanket, toy, or something that reminds them of their owner. Familiar things will help the dog feel less stressed out.

For many dogs, pet boarding can be stressful. It is best that the owner knows a few ways to prepare the dog to keep it from getting stressed out during their stay at the kennel.

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