Pet Hotels: Top Warning Signs of a Bad Pet Hotel

Pet Hotels: Top Warning Signs of a Bad Pet Hotel

There are always a lot of things going on while you are preparing to leave for a vacation or a trip and at times it can be hectic. There are usually suitcases that need packing, work that needs to be squared away and neighbors to inform. However, the one thing you really don’t want to overlook is the pet hotel your pet will be staying at. Herein are some common red flags you should be looking out for when searching for the best one.

Unhappy place

Regardless of how many positive reviews they have, if the staff is not happy about showing you around the facility, there is nothing exciting about it for your pet. Ensure you take a tour of the premise to see everything your pet will have for as long as you will be gone and gauge how happy or miserable they will be without you. 

Unpleasant smells

When you arrive at the pet hotel, there should be no unpleasant smells and odors. Accidents do happen but there is really no solid reason why the whole place should stink. In case the place looks clean, you should also ask about their cleaning products to ensure that they are pet friendly.

Lax emergency plans

The pet hotel owner needs to have detailed emergency plans in place which should be location-specific and species-specific. You should also ask if there are staff available at all times because some facilities leave the pets alone at certain hours. 

Untrained staff

Despite the fact the industry is quite unregulated, a reputable pet hotel should go out of their way to train the staff. Everyone working at such a facility, including the receptionist, ought to be trained in pet care. This is because they will have a huge responsibility to handle and you would want your pet to be well taken care of by responsible people while away. 

Inadequate play area

Having outdoor access is simply not enough. The outdoor area should be large enough to accommodate the pets while they play, clean with a shade and clean water as well as a double fence system that prevents escape. In this case, if the pet if a gymnast, you should let the facility know, regardless of how high the fence is. 

Uncategorized playgroups

It is very important that your pet gets to play while they stay at the pet hotel but even more than that, it is important that they are safe while they play. The playgroups should be divided by size as well as temperament because every pet has its own personality.
Final thought

Looking for the right pet hotel can be a daunting task but one that has to be done right because of the safety of a loved pet. A lot of things could happen while you are away and your job is to ensure that only good things happen. 

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