Pet Grooming Services and What To Look For

Pet Grooming Services and What To Look For

You are not the only one who needs their body washed, hair brushed, teeth cleaned and nails trimmed regularly. When it comes to pet grooming, your furry friend needs it too. Whether you are a proud owner of a fuzzy feline or have a canine friend, it is your job to keep your pet well groomed and cleaned.

Handling pet grooming yourself is only a good idea only if you know for sure what you are doing. It is a good idea to brush your shorthaired cat or dog daily, as it keeps your pet happy and give you the precious bonding time. However, for advanced pet grooming needs, it is important that you let the professionals do the work.

Here are the steps to choosing a perfect groomer for your furry friend.

Good Reputation

You cannot let just anybody wash your pet with shampoo or clip her toenails, can you? You need to hire services of a groomer that has the right experience, qualification and skills to handle your pet with care. The tools and instruments used while grooming can be dangerous in the inexperienced hands.

Look for a grooming facility with certified groomers with plenty of experience. To access trusted groomers, you can ask for recommendation from a friend or a veterinarian. A pet boarding facility that offers grooming services as well is usually a great place to get your pet groomed as they have skilled care staff that is well versed in caring for pets of different breeds.

Pet Grooming Services

You have to take your pet to a facility that offers head to toe pet grooming services. Thorough grooming does not only guarantee a clean and stylish pet, it can also be crucial to keeping your pet healthy and improving her quality of life. Look for following grooming services.

  • Thorough brushing and combing of your pet’s coat
  • Trimming of facial hair as well as removal of hair from paw pads
  • Clipping and filing of the nails
  • Shampooing and conditioning of the coat with quality hair products
  • Thorough cleansing of the ears and wax removal with the help of a cotton swab
  • Flea and tick treatment
  • A stylish hair cut
  • Detangling or dematting of the coat

Your groomer should also be able to provide any additional services if your pet needs it.

Is the Facility Up to Mark?

You need to make sure the grooming service offers complete transparency. You should be able to witness the grooming in action, if you feel like it. The facility should be well lit and must be squeaky clean. The kennels or the cages should be of appropriate size and the dogs and cats should be housed in separate enclosures. The grooming tools should be hygienic and the pets must be monitored to prevent overheating while they are being blow-dried.

Handling Procedures

Ask the groomers in detail the steps they are likely to take if your pet is uncomfortable. Your pet is likely to be a little apprehensive about the grooming business in the beginning. Compassionate and well-trained grooming staff can calm your pet down and groom them effectively. Do not forget to look at the dogs that are coming out of the facility, if they are wagging their tails around, the chances are they are being treated nicely.

These are some of the things to look for in a good grooming service. These tips can help you ensure your dog gets the pampering and grooming it deserves in the best possible way.

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