Pet Boarding Services are a Win-Win for Pet and Owner Alike

Pet Boarding Services are a Win-Win for Pet and Owner Alike

As much as pet owners love to travel with their pets it is not always possible or feasible. Many vacation destinations may not accommodate pets, or if travel is required due to a death in the family or emergency, one needs to arrange for pet boarding. A pet owners options include leaving the pet at home and having a neighbor or friend stop by daily, hiring a sitter to stay in their home with the pet, or boarding their pet at a kennel or veterinarian office.

Those dog kennels that offer overnight boarding arrangements are an ideal solution, for both the owner and their pet. Many boarding facilities have the capability to house both dogs and cats and even exotic pets. For owners that would have otherwise had a pet-sitting service check on their pet, arranging for them to stay at a boarding kennel instead, is nearly always less stressful for the pet. The pet receives more attention than if left alone at home and more importantly, can be watched for signs of stress or illness.

Be prepared to provide documentation that your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date, including Bordatella, which is required for dogs that are boarded. Pets must also be on a flea and tick prevention regimen. The boarding facility will also have their preferred veterinarian in case of emergencies, but should also be willing to contact your pet’s veterinarian should you specify so. Your pet will be fed and exercised (dogs) at least once per day.

If your pet has specific dietary requirements or medications, make sure to supply the kennel staff with detailed instructions regarding how much and how often to feed or administer the medications. Some cat boarding los angeles facilities will also permit owners to supply their own toys and bedding, although this is not usually a normal practice as many facilities board dozens of pets, and keep tracking of who has the red plaid blanket is not always possible.

For an additional fee, some amenities or extras that may be offered include private play sessions or extra walks and some even have trainers on staff that can work with your pet on basic obedience. Some state-of-the-art facilities even have live web cams so that you can check in on your pet 24/7. Many offer bathing and grooming services, including nail trimming and ear cleaning. In fact, your pet might feel so pampered, they might not want to go home.

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