National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November is National Adopt a Senior pet month and All Star Pet Resort in Torrance, CA wants to share some information with your friends and customers regarding the benefits of adopting and older dog.

Many people walk into a Los Angeles Animal shelter or scour a rescue’s local Los Angeles pet website hoping to adopt a new puppy or kitten, completely overlooking the perfectly adoptable older dogs and cats in kennels and cages in their search.

But this National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, which runs through the end of November, shelters and rescues across Los Angeles County are hoping those looking to adopt a new furry friend will consider adding a senior pet to the family.

According to a survey conducted for September’s Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week, the absolute most difficult group of homeless pets to place are older dogs and cats. Senior pets tend to spend the longest amount of time at a shelter or rescue before finding their forever home — if they find one at all, that is. Older canines and felines of advanced age have higher euthanasia rates than their younger counterparts, and can often live the rest of their lives out in a shelter kennel.

Facts like these make National Adopt a Senior Pet Month so important.

There are plenty of benefits to selecting an older pet over a younger one. Because senior pets are typically calmer and less energetic than puppies and kittens, it is easier to teach them new tricks. In fact, many senior pets are already pros at performing basic commands. Their low-key natures can also make them ideal for households with children.

What some adopters of younger pets are unprepared for is what hard work it can be to housetrain a new puppy or kitten. You have to spend copious amounts of time training a new puppy to do his business outdoors or teach a kitten to remember where the litter box is. But older pets have often come to the shelter after years of living in a home, so they are usually already housetrained, saving you from weeks, months, or in some cases even years of stress.

Understanding the personality of an animal is key to finding the perfect match for your family and for that homeless pet. While young puppies and kittens are still developing their personalities, you’ll know right away whether a senior dog is a snuggle-bug or a senior cat is more of an independent spirit.

Are you interested in adopting a senior dog or cat in honor of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month? Check out the Adoptable Animal Finder on and Performing a simple search for a senior pet yields plenty of results, and can help you find the perfect dog or cat to complete your family.


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