Making Sure Pets Stay Healthy When Being Boarded

Making Sure Pets Stay Healthy When Being Boarded

Owning cats and dogs as pets and family members enriches everyone’s lives. Cats and dogs are loyal companions who need minimum care to be healthy and happy. But, when owners go on vacation or business trips and must board them, they can be exposed to dangerous diseases or injury. To keep pets safe during boarding times, choose the facility carefully. In Torrance, CA, pet owners have a healthy choice for dog and cat boarding with All Star Pet Resort.

Choose The Right Kennel

Take the time to study the local kennels to find one such as the All Star Pet Resort who have the most healthy conditions. Pet owners want to be sure that their beloved animals are properly cared for in a safe environment. No one wants to leave an animal in a kennel that leaves them in dirty cages with little or no attention during their stay. Another major worry is animals coming home sick with a disease such as DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper, or Pneumonia.

The ideal kennel will have adequate room for dogs and cats to stay. It will also have dog walk areas and adequate staff to socialize with the animals. The facility will be clean and temperature controlled. Some owners seek kennels that offer to groom so that job can be done at the same time. Everyone wants their pet to be happy and well cared for during their time away.

Good Kennels Take Steps For Pet Safety

A good kennel will have large spaces for animals that are regularly cleaned. They will have climate controlled facilities with burglar and fire alarms. The animals will be allowed to spend time in safe outside areas with trees and other amenities. The kennel will insist that all dogs and cats have up to date vaccination papers to avoid the spreading of disease. Pets who are sick or do not have veterinarian certified inoculation records will not be accepted for boarding.

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