How to license your dog in Redondo Beach.

How to license your dog in Redondo Beach.

Are you a Redondo Beach resident? This link and these simple direction could help you get and keep your dog registered.

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What are the laws for dog licensing in Redondo Beach?

  • The laws for dog licensing are defined by the Redondo Beach Municipal Code
    • See sections 5-1.105, 5-1.107, and 5-1.109.
  • Dogs over the age of four months:
    • Must be licensed within 30 days of taking residence in the City or becoming the owner or custodian of the dog
    • Must be licensed annually
    • Must wear the metal license tags on the caller to be readily visible
    • Must have a current rabies vaccine

What does a dog license cost?

Click here to jump to the Financial Services Department pet licensing page for the current license fees.

What is the purpose of animal licensing? 

  • Licensing protects your pet.
  • Licensing is an important means of identification
    • If your pet is lost, Animal Services can cross reference the Redondo Beach licensing tag number to reunite you and your pet quicker
  • Licensing requires rabies vaccination.
    • A current rabies vaccinations reduces your pet’s likelihood of contracting rabies through urban wildlife and non-vaccinated domestic animals.
  • Licensing is required by City law and failure to license may result in fines, penalties or citations.

What do I need to obtain a license for my dog in Redondo Beach?

  • Complete a Redondo Beach Dog License Application form.
  • Provide proof of current rabies vaccination.
  • Provide proof of spay or neutering if claiming this fee reduction (for first time license)
  • Provide government photo identification with your age if claiming reduced rates for seniors.
  • Pay the fees for the license.

How do I obtain a license for my dog in Redondo Beach?

  • Obtain an application form and information from the Redondo Beach Financial Services Department
  • Complete the dog license application
  • Obtain a current rabies vaccination for your dog.
  • Obtain the proof of the rabies vaccination (certificate)
  • Provide a certificate of proof of spay or neutering if claiming this fee reduction (for first time license)
  • Determine the fees for the license
  • Submit your documents and fees in-person or by mail:
  • In-Person at:
    • Redondo Beach City Hall, 415 Diamond Street, Door C, Redondo Beach CA 90277
    • Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    • The Financial Services Department and Animal Services Unit are closed on alternate Fridays.
    • Please jump to for a calendar with City Hall closures.
    • Payment must be made at the Financial Services Cashier at City Hall Door E
  • By Mail
    • Send copies of your documents and a check or money order made to the City of Redondo Beach at:

City of Redondo Beach
Financial Services Department
Attn: Dog Licensing
P.O. Box 270
Redondo Beach CA 90277

  • Send only copies of your rabies certificate and/or sterility certificate ; do not send originals.  Originals will not be returned to you.

How do I obtain a replacement dog license tag if I lose the tag issued to my dog?

  • Go to the Redondo Beach City Hall at 415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, CA 90277 at Door C
  • Contact the Financial Services licensing unit and pay one dollar for a replacement tag.
  • You may request a license by mail, but you must make arrangements to pay the one dollar fee for the replacement tag.
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