Everything You Need to Know About Pet Boarding
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Everything You Need to Know About Pet Boarding

Everything You Need to Know About Pet Boarding

If you’re like the rest of us and sometimes love your pet more than other people then taking a trip can be a difficult time. It isn’t always easy to take along your pet when it comes to sneaking in a vacation or heading out for a business trip.

At that point, pet owners are often confronted with a difficult task. We want the best for our loving companions if we have to leave them behind.

Finding the right pet boarding services can be stressful. We all want to know that our pets will be comfortable and cared for.

Make sure you know the ins and outs of pet boarding before you head out of town on your trip. Here are the essentials:

Do The Pets Mix in Pet Boarding?

Different facilities have different rules when it comes to pets mingling. You may want the extra assurance that dogs won’t mix in with other dogs.

When dogs mix together there can be issues with fighting and harm. The last thing you want is to drop your dog off and have it get mauled in an incident with another dog.


Getting to know the staffing at a local boarding facility can help you make a decision. There are horror stories out there about staff not being present while pets get in fights and are injured.

The Comforts Of Home

If your dog or cat has a favorite blanket or toy is it welcome at the boarding facility you are considering? We all know that nothing says the comforts of home like bringing along that favorite blanket.

Multiple Pets

What if you have more than one dog? Will these pets be kept together or separate at the boarding facility?

It’s important to keep pets from the same home together if they like. Plus, you may want to make sure you get a discount for multiple pets.

Medication and Grooming

Make sure you understand the rules about medication at your boarding facility. Some professionals are uncomfortable being responsible for medications.

In addition, not all boarding spots offer grooming. You’ll want one that can handle all these needs at the same time.

Day Boarding

Make sure you find out if your pets have both extended and day boarding options at the facility you plan to use.

Not all pet resorts are created equal. At All Star Pet Resort, we let pet owners travel without a care in the world. We go to every length to make sure your pets stay healthy while they are boarded.

And you don’t need to wait until you book that long distance vacation or stressful business trip to make the most of our services. Our day boarding services are helpful to pet owners too!

Get Treated Like An All Star

We provide your pets a home away from home! We administer medications, keep your pet active, and even offer grooming services!

For pet owners in and around Torrance, we provide everything you need to have peace of mind and support in pet ownership.

We can help keep your cat or dog happy and healthy those times you have to be apart. Contact us now and make a reservation today.

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