Cat Behavior: Why Cats Do These 5 Weird Things

Cat Behavior: Why Cats Do These 5 Weird Things

Cats have coexisted alongside humans for around 10,000 years now.

Egyptians are famous for rewarding and encouraging cats to live with them in order to keep rodents that would eat their grain reserves at bay.

In contrast, dogs share a much longer and closer relationship with humans, which is why they are a lot easier to understand.

Cats, on the other hand, exhibit many behaviors that seem bizarre or unexplainable.

Here are five of the most common weird facts about cats’ behavior you may have wondered about.

5 Weird Facts about Cats Behavior

1. Gnawing on Plastic

Cats that prefer chewing on plastic bags, wrappers, and packaging don’t do it because they like the taste or want to eat it, but because something is bothering them.

Typically anxiety-related, cats gnaw on the soft, chewy texture of plastic because it helps them cope with either boredom, stress, or anxiety.

Some cats only lightly chew on plastic, while others could create more of a safety hazard by chewing too hard and fast.

You should keep a close eye on this behavior, but you should panic over it. Try treating your kitty to some affordable vacationing at a cat boarding resort!

2. Kneads the Dough

Does your cat ever try hopping on top of you and press down on your chest or stomach like she’s kneading bread dough?

Well, this fact about cats’ behavior may seem weird or funny, but it’s actually just a fun activity that your cat likes to do when she is feeling the most comfortable or happy.

Some cats will do it just because it is ingrained in their brains for survival because as a kitten they do it to massage the milk out of their mother.

3. Late Night Friskiness

Cats are wild animals, but it’s another thing to be one when everyone is trying to go to sleep.

What the heck is wrong with your cat if it’s always trying to play in the middle of the night?

Well, for one, cats don’t sleep once per day. Like many other animals, cats take multiple naps a day.

Cats can adjust their sleep cycles as they see fit, so if you’re a night owl, your cat might sync their awake time when you’re up and thus be full of energy even though it’s the early morning.

4. Move/Shift Litter Around

You might overhear your cat using the litter box sometimes, shifting the litter around, sometimes before they end up going and sometimes after.

This fact about cats’ behavior dates back to their time spent in Ancient Egypt. The litter box is their little piece of territory, where how they use it depends on location and mood.

If they don’t cover their deposits enough, then that means the litter box is located too far away from his usual territory. Cats will keep a clean space normally unless they’re really ticked off at you.

5. Head-butts and Face-grazes

This next fact about cats’ behavior should be something you’re used to getting every day, if not, your cat may not like you, seriously.

Cats that greet you with their face want to receive and give lots of rubs.

Cats also carry an additional ulterior motive of marking their territory with their scent. Not necessarily in an aggressive, protective way, but more like hitting that “like” button in real life.

All Cats Deserve Love

They’re often misunderstood, as these facts about cats behavior have demonstrated, but cats deserve as much love as they can get.

Some cats are shy, some cats are stressed, and some cats need a break. Try booking them a little pampering and grooming time for them this week.

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