5 Basic Dog Commands to Teach Puppies

basic dog commands
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Puppies are bundles of adorable energy, but that puppy cuteness doesn’t last forever. Before long, you may start dealing with behaviors you don’t care for and those behaviors could be hard to break once formed. So, what do you do?

Well, the easy answer is, training!

If you teach your adorable puppy some basic dog commands, those basics will become the framework you can build on in the future. And oftentimes those commands will be the obedience skills that stick the longest with your dog.

So here are the five essential commands you should teach your puppy!

1. Sit

This is one of the easiest commands to try teaching your dog.

By using a treat as inspiration, hold it in front of their nose to catch their attention and slowly raise it above their heads. This causes their bottoms to lower. Once they are in position, say “sit” in a firm voice. And give them the treat.

2. Come

This command is going to be a lifesaver when your puppy grows up.

“Come” (or “recall”) can be tricky to master at first. But with lots of practice and lots of patience (and maybe some extra bacon dog treats!), you will get this command down pat.

When first learning “come” be sure to have your dog leashed and collared. This keeps them contained while learning. Kneel a little distance away from him and then say “come” and pull him gently towards you. Once he has arrived, reward him with a treat!

You can slowly escalate this obedience command by moving further and further away each time. Eventually, you should be able to remove the leash and collar entirely!

3. Down

“Down” is a handy command for those big breeds that won’t stay small and lap-sized for long.

When you start adding this to your list of commands, you want to start with a treat in your closed hand. Place your hand in front of your dog’s nose. This will definitely grab their attention and you can then lower your hand to the floor and firmly say, “down”. Your dog will sure to follow your hand with the treat! Once their belly and all four paws are on the floor, be sure to reward them with the treat from your hand.

After this command becomes a staple, you will be able to say “down” at any point and your dog will lower themselves.

4. Stay

Like “come”, “stay” can be tricky to master too.

But just remember, it’s okay to have your dog leashed while learning this command too! It will just take some time to master. But eventually, you’ll get it.

To start, make sure your dog has mastered “sit”. Being solid on this command will be the building block for “stay”. Tell your dog to “sit”. Then, open your palm in front of his face and say firmly, “stay”. Take a few steps away next. If he stays in place, reward him with treats and affection.

Gradually ramp it up by moving further and further away. This is a great way for your dog to practice his self-control. Soon he will have it mastered, as long as you’re sure to reward his good behavior.

5. Drop It

If you have children who have toys scattered in all directions, this command will be a great tool to have in your dog obedience toolbox.

“Drop it” informs your dog that they must forget or ignore whatever may have caught their attention. Because puppies will eat anything they can get their tiny teeth on, this may become a lifesaver.

To start use some human food to inspire them. Cheese is a safe bet. When they’ve latched onto something like a Barbie doll, distracting them with the cheese will force them to drop the less interesting toy.

Reinforce any successful drops with tasty treats!

Basic Dog Commands Stay Forever

Remember to be patient. Puppies have lots of energy and not a lot of attention span. By positively reinforcing their behavior, you will soon have a solid list of commands and a well behaved dog any owner should be proud of.

If you would like to learn more about dog obedience training at home or if you’d like to supplement your basic dog commands with some other services for your furry friend, visit our site!

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