Using A Pet Boarding Facility When Going On Vacation

Using A Pet Boarding Facility When Going On Vacation

When someone wishes to take a much needed vacation, and they have a dog or cat to care for, they may want to consider using a pet boarding facility to help. A business that offers accommodations for dogs or cats is a wonderful way to be able to get away without fear the pet is having difficulties at home.

Some people opt to have a pet sitter come to the home. The downside to this is that personal items in the home are at risk for being stolen. There is also the fact that the person’s personal privacy is not protected. To avoid this, a boarding facility is a great answer.

Our dog boarding and  cat boarding facility is very unique in that we do not allow dogs or cats to be together. Every dog has their own indoor/outdoor run private to them. We allow up to 3 dogs to share 1 large run if they are from the same family.  This ensures the safety of your beloved family pet while under our care. All cats have an indoor private 2 level area.

Both types of pets would benefit from the experience. There are around-the-clock caretakers at this type of facility, giving the peace of mind the pet will have their needs met promptly. If there was a medical emergency, someone would be able to get the pet to a pet hospital if needed. Some facilities also have a veterinarian on the premises. If a special diet or medication needs to be given to a pet, this would be monitored closely by those in the facility.

Pets would enjoy having someone around to pamper them with grooming sessions if desired. There are people in the establishment giving attention to the pets regularly so there is no worry the cat or dog would feel neglected. The pets would also have exercising time with the use of dog or cat toys. The workers would take the time to talk to and pet the animals so they feel comforted while in the boarding facility.

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