Top Tips for Boarding Your Dog If They Have Separation

Top Tips for Boarding Your Dog If They Have Separation

When the time comes and you need to leave your pet because it’s just not possible to take them along, dog boarding is simply one of the best options for places you can leave your pet. Leaving your dog behind, especially with a stranger, even if for just a few days, could be very stressful for both you and the dog. Now, it becomes even more stressful if your pet has separation anxiety because leaving them will be very hard.

Work on coping mechanism well before you leave

Before you start planning your vacation or the trip you have to leave on, try working on your pet’s anxiety issues. You could try leaving them for short periods of time and see their reaction then gradually increase the time you stay away. This way, they will get used to it a little more every time. You could ask tips from your vet or your dog’s behaviorist for some advice.

Exercise and socialize

Exercising and socializing could go a long way in helping your pet be less anxious. Ensure that the facility will offer them exercises whether in walking them a few times each day or putting them in an exercise pen. Inquire about socialization with the other pets in the facility because if your pet is friendly, they could make friends to play with throughout the time they will be in the boarding. Of course, if the facility allows socialization, they should also take enough caution and supervise the pets while they are at it.

Talk to the kennel stuff

Once you find some great kennel facilities for your pet, talk to the staff and let them know about your dog before making final decisions. If you find the staff knowledgeable about caring for anxious pets with their own working methods of dealing with the separation anxiety, then you can trust that your pet will be in good hands. The facility that offers your pet extra attention to help their stay and make it more comfortable should be the one you go with.

Make an inspection of the facility

Ensure that you take a look around the facility before taking your pet to stay. Inspect everything, to the last details and ensure that the facility will be able to meet all your pets’ needs. Ask if the staff is trained to take care of pets or if they have any animal care qualifications. Ask to see the kennels in order to gauge how well your pet will be taken care of and whether the pets already there are happy with the stay or not.

Pack carefully

When a dog has separation anxiety, having some familiar staff to remind him of his home and fancily will make them feel more at ease. Try to send them with as many toys or their own belongings as you can like their bed and their food and water bowls.

Keep the pet busy

If there is a way for your pet to stay entertained or busy, they will be less likely to be stressed during the separation. Some toys like puzzle toys, treat dispensing balls, actual chewy treats or heavy duty chewy toys will do great in keeping them busy. This will also offer your pet some comfort, especially if these toys will be the same ones they use at home.

Final thought

Going to a boarding kennel does not have to be a stressful ordeal for your pet, even if they do have separation anxiety. If you follow all the above tips to ensure that your dog is in good hands, they should be okay by the time you get back.

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