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Top Reasons Your Cat Would Benefit From Cat Boarding

Top Reasons Your Cat Would Benefit From Cat Boarding

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When you travel, you need peace of mind for your feline friends. It isn’t always possible to find a sitter to come to your home. And even if you can, that sitter isn’t there around the clock. Boarding your pet is an excellent option to ensure their well-being and safety. Let’s review some of the top reasons your cat would benefit from boarding during your next trip.

What To Bring With You To The Boarding Facility

As with any boarding facility, All Star Pet Resort will need copies of the following when you drop your pet off for their stay.

  • Documentation of a current rabies vaccination
  • Documentation of a current FVRCP vaccination
  • Updated tick prevention
  • Medication for the duration of their stay (no injections)
  • Contact information for you and your veterinarian’s office
  • Updated flea protection is strongly encouraged
  • Any blankets, beds, toys, etc. they are attached to

The blankets and toys are optional, but if there are items they enjoy snuggling with, you should bring them for their comfort. Everything else are the requirements of our facility.

Benefits To Boarding Your Cat While You Travel

For some people, it is a struggle to find a qualified cat sitter. Additionally, unless a sitter stays at your home, there are still times your cat(s) will not have supervision. Not mention the safety concerns if something happened to your home, and your cat was there alone.

If you check your feline friend into a cat boarding facility, you solve all of those issues. While cats are known for being highly independent animals, cat sitters only spend approximately 30 minutes at a time in your home. That could mean your cat would be alone for close to 23 hours a day. That is too much, even for a cat.

In a cat boarding resort, there is staff on site 24 hours a day to check in with your cat, feed them, cuddle them, and play with them. And since there is around the clock supervision and care, you don’t have to worry about emergency situations. Our staff is on hand to ensure your cat’s health and safety.

Other Reasons To Board Your Cat

While travel is the primary reason people choose to board their cat(s), there are several other reasons you could want to bring your feline to a pet resort. Two of the more common reasons people bring their cat(s) to a boarding facility is home renovations and moving. Home renovations are loud and chaotic. So is moving day in any home.

To save your cat(s) from those anxiety-inducing situations, bring them to a boarding facility. He/she will get to stay in a peaceful condo while all the action happens in their home. It makes things easier for all parties.

Rely On All Star For Your Cat Boarding Needs

Take a visit around our cat condos so you can see the luxury we will provide your feline friend with during their stay with us. We can provide your treasured family member with safety, security, and unlimited cuddles during your next trip. Contact us today to schedule your cat for a stay the next time you’re out of town and keep up with our team on Facebook.

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