Tips For Boarding Your Dog

Owning a pet can be a wonderful source of companionship and affection. However, there will be times when a pet owner will be unable to bring their furry friend with them. Luckily, dog owners can take advantage of a number of doggy care providers to ensure that their pet is safe and comfortable while they are away. However, there are a couple of steps that should be taken to help lessen any stress that the animal may experience as a result of being boarded.

One of the most effective ways of helping your dog to avoid unnecessary stress is to provide it with something that has your scent on it. Ideally, this should be a dirty shirt, sock or some other garment that will strongly smell like the owner. This can provide a source of familiarity and comfort in a building that will otherwise be filled with strange smells, sights and sounds.

For dogs that suffer from particularly severe separation anxiety, it may be beneficial to have the veterinarian prescribe mild anti-anxiety medications. These medications can be used during the first couple of days that the dog will be boarded to help keep its stress levels as low possible. However, individuals will need to make sure that they leave the veterinarian’s directions for the medications with the boarding facility so that they will know how to administer it to the pet. While this may require individuals to make the time for a trip to the veterinarian, this can be a small price to pay for reducing any separation anxiety that the animal experiences while at the boarding facility.

When a person is going to need to board their pet, it is important to understand some of the more basic steps that can be taken to minimize any stress or discomfort that the animal experiences during this time. For those that have never boarded a pet, it is important to understand the benefits of leaving something with a familiar scent as well as having anti-anxiety medications prescribed. By understanding and using these tips, individuals can help ensure that their pet’s time in the dog kennels will be as enjoyable as possible while they are gone.

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