Time to Groom Your Pet?

Time to Groom Your Pet?

When it comes to cat grooming and dog grooming, pet owners have a wide variety of choices available. Some people choose to groom their pets at home, but this can be a complicated and messy endeavor, especially if the pet has long hair or has special grooming needs. A high quality local pet groomer will offer not just the standard pet bath and brush, but also a variety of other services. People who board their pets occasionally may find that a well known local boarding facility is the perfect place to have the necessary grooming done, as well. A pet owner can drop their pet off to stay at a boarding facility and come home to a perfectly groomed happy pet.

With dog grooming, the dog should have a complete bath. After that, the dog’s nails should be clipped. This nail clipping may also involve minor sanding with a special dremel tool designed for pet grooming. Many pets don’t mind the sanding at all, since there is no pain whatsoever. If the pet has excess fur between their paw pads, it can be removed during the grooming. The pet’s anal glands can be expressed during their appointment, and their ears can also be cleaned.

During the dog’s bath, the groomer should insert cotton balls gently into the ears to prevent water from getting into the pet’s ears. The bath should be lukewarm, and the best groomers will use only premium quality pet shampoos and conditioners. After the dog’s bath is complete, the groomer should carefully towel the pet dry and then use warm air fluff dryers if they are needed for further drying. Finally, the dog will receive a thorough comb-out and fur styling.

Cats can be especially challenging to groom since they tend to be such independent and opinionated creatures. Cat grooming is best left to the professionals who know how to handle the animals in a gentle but firm way. Long haired cats and exotic cat breeds, even furless cats, do need special grooming to keep them looking their very best. Call your local dog and cat groomer to learn more.

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