Taking Care of a Pet’s Special Medical Needs During Boarding

Taking Care of a Pet’s Special Medical Needs During Boarding

Prior to selecting a pet boarding location for a dog or cat, be sure to talk to the staff about any special medical needs the animal may have. It is important to understand that not all pet boarding services can handle these types of special issues. This is why it is so important to discuss their needs ahead of time.

Preparing for the Conversation

To get ready for this important conversation, make a list of all the animals needs from extra bathroom breaks to medications. Be sure to ask the staff about their past experience regarding taking care and looking after pets that have special medical needs. This will help a pet owner know what type of procedures they have in place to take care of these issues.

The facility chosen should then create a personalized plan to ensure the pet is well-cared for while the owner is away. Also, make sure to discuss what will be done during a medical emergency. The absolute best solution is to choose a boarding location that is associated with a veterinarian hospital.

Dropping the Pet Off

When it is time for the pet owner to drop their pet off at the selected boarding location, they need to bring along any and everything necessary for their specialized care. This includes several days’ worth of medication. In most cases, it is best to bring more than what is actually needed. It is also important to leave a local contact number of a family member or friend in case something happens, as well as the number of the animals vet. If a medical emergency does arise, the boarding staff need to know who to call or contact regarding decisions and care for the animal.

Many pet owners treat their cats and dogs as just additional members of the family. As a result, they need to find kennels in Torrance that will take great care of the animal while they are away. While it can be more difficult to find kennels that are equipped to care for pets with special medical needs, it is possible. Taking the time to find the right location for a pet will pay off in the long run.

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