A Few Reasons to Consider a Pet Boarding Facility for Your Pet

If you own a pet, chances are good that some day you may need the services of a pet hotel for your dog or cat. You plan ahead for vacations, business trips, and long weekends so that your pet can travel with you or be cared for by family or friends. But there may come a time due to an emergency that requires you to leave soon without the benefit of planning ahead.

These are times where a “plan B” is necessary, and that plan often involves the services of a pet boarding facility. Boarding facilities offer care for your pet while you are away and are very skilled at what they do. Keep in mind that your pet will receive more attention and have more people around than if they were left at home alone with only a daily visit by a neighbor or friend. Staying at a dog boarding facility is definitely a lot less stressful than flying on a plane or even in a vehicle long distances.

The best thing to do is to ask for a tour of the boarding facility. Keep in mind that most places will have set hours for tours and it is not because they are hiding something. The have set scheduled times for feeding, cleaning, walking, and lunch breaks, and are limited as to when someone has free time to give guided tours. You also may not be allowed into the area where the boarding
pets are actually kept in an attempt at minimizing the possible spread of disease.

Be sure to ask about the veterinarian on call and how illnesses or injuries are handled. If your pet has special dietary or medical needs ask if that is a problem or incurs additional costs. Most boarding kennels will require proof of up-to-date vaccination and tick or flea preventatives. Most will feed a quality dog food if you do not provide your own, but it is preferable to bring your own supply.

Boarding facilities run the gamut of strictly offering only boarding options to all-out pet resorts offering interaction with other compatible dogs, to in-room tvs or music, indoor and outdoor access, and CCTV cameras so you can remotely check on your pet. Grooming services are also a popular service offered at many facilities. If this interests you, then Contact the team over at All Star Pet Resort for your pet boarding needs.

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