Puppy Eating Poop? 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Stop This Nasty Habit

puppy eating poop
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Did you know that over 3 million shelter animals are adopted each year? While that’s wonderful news for both animals and animal lovers, owning a pet isn’t always a walk in the dog park.

The younger your dog is, the more problems you’re likely to encounter. One common habit puppies have is eating their own poop.

If a puppy eating poop is driving you nuts, there are ways you can get involved to fix this. This article will introduce you to 5 proven methods that will correct this behavior.

Why Does My Puppy Eat Poop?

One of the top questions new dog owners ask is why do puppies eat their poop? Sometimes the answer isn’t clear-cut. This behavior could be instinctual, psychological, or it could stem from a problem in their diet.

While some dog owners recommend punishment for this behavior, you’re much more likely to get lasting results from positive reinforcement and diligence. Keep reading to learn 5 tips you can use to break this nasty habit.

1. Remove Poop Immediately

One of the easiest solutions to this problem is to remove the temptation before your puppy can indulge. When walking your dog, make sure you have a bag ready to scoop up their poop as soon as it’s on the ground. This means paying attention to your dog and not multitasking on your walk.

If you live in a gated area where your puppy roams freely, be sure to sit outside and supervise them. Inspect the area for poop before you release them and keep an eye on them in case they decide to go to the bathroom. If you don’t have the time to be so involved, keep reading for other tips you can try.

2. Change Diet To Prevent Puppy Eating Poop

If your puppy is having a hard time digesting their food, sometimes they eat their poop to continue digesting it. If you suspect this habit could stem from a health issue, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your vet about which dog food you should feed them.

3. Puppies Eat Their Own Poop If They Don’t Get Exercise

If a puppy eats poop, they could be bored or anxious. While it may sound strange to humans, this behavior makes sense in canine brains. Make sure your dog gets to walk for 30 minutes a day so they can release their energy.

4. Train And Reward Good Behavior

Dogs are food-driven animals. If you have something tastier than poop to offer, they’ll always choose a treat. Taking the time to work with your puppy will ensure they adopt proper manners for the rest of their lives.

Make a habit of keeping treats on hand when your dog is in a situation where they could get into poop. If you catch them in the act, encourage them to leave the poop and come to you instead. When they realize they can earn a treat, they’ll ditch their habit for a reward.

5. A Puppy Eats Poop If They Feel Neglected

Have you ever caught your dog in the middle of a naughty act and they flash that adorable, guilty look your way? Dogs know when they’re being bad, but sometimes they act out for attention.

If your dog eats poop, reflect on how much quality time you spend together each day. If you work a lot, your puppy might feel lonely. When they eat poop, they know they’ll get attention from you, even if it means getting scolded. Setting more time aside to bond with your dog could be enough to solve this yucky problem.

Need More Puppy Help?

A puppy eating poop is only one of the many struggles that can come with owning a pet. All Star Pet Resort is here to make your duties as a pet parent easier. For more helpful information, check out our blog.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and need pet boarding or grooming, please contact us at (310) 320-8799 to learn more about the services we offer.

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