Professional Grooming Services Keep Pets Clean and Healthy

Professional Grooming Services Keep Pets Clean and Healthy

While regular grooming creates more attractive, tidy pets, its importance extends well beyond appearances. Providing routine care for a pet’s fur, skin and nails makes it easier to spot potential health issues before they become major problems. Since professional groomers work with a variety of dog and cat breeds on a frequent basis, they are more likely to notice signs of common health conditions that owners may overlook. Pet owners can then report any concerns to their veterinarian for further inspection.

Experienced Groomers Make Nail Trimming Less Stressful for Pets

One of the most popular requests during a grooming visit for dogs is nail trimming. Many owners don’t have the experience or patience to deal with animals that object to having their nails cut. Whether a dog is nervous or just plain stubborn, keeping a pet calm and still is sometimes a challenging event. A skilled groomer can trim nails to the proper level and avoid any pain or discomfort to pets. Left unchecked, overgrown nails may even affect a dog’s natural gait. Routine dog grooming helps to prevent ingrown nails, infections and extreme pain from nails that get caught on carpeting and flooring.

Regular Ear Cleanings Help Recognize and Minimize Problems

Ear infections are a typical health issue for dogs that can become very annoying. Whether related to allergies, bacteria, fungus or trapped water, a canine with smelly, inflamed ears is not a happy pooch. Constant itching and rubbing only further irritates the condition and often requires a longer healing time. During a grooming visit, dogs prone to ear problems can benefit from having a medicated powder sprinkled in their ears and any excess hair or other foreign objects, such as grass, removed. Pet owners can also inspect their dogs ears weekly for excess wax buildup that can result in a stinky, unpleasant odor.

Bathing Reduces Disgusting Cat Hair Balls

Although the majority of felines hate water, bathing is sometimes an essential part of cat grooming. A bath not only makes a cat smell better, but it can aid in removing excess hair and reducing shedding too. This is especially beneficial to help minimize the impact of annoying hair balls which can affect both long and short-haired cats. When bathing cats, professional groomers use quality shampoos that won’t harm sensitive skin. The bathing process also makes skins problems related to allergies, stress or external parasites more apparent, allowing owners to seek immediate treatment.

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