Preparing A Pet For A Stay At A Boarding Facility

Preparing A Pet For A Stay At A Boarding Facility

When someone needs to go away on business, they will most likely want to make sure any pets they have at home are well taken care of in their absence. If the traveler decides to use a dog kennel or cat boarding facility to house their pet, they will want to take a few steps in advance of their trip to prepare their dog or cat for the stay they are about to endure. Here are some tips one can use in preparing their pet for a stay at a boarding facility.

Increase Exposure To People

It is a good idea to increase the exposure the pet has to different people in the days before their stay at a boarding facility. Inviting different people into the home will allow the pet to get used to voices of people beforehand. Make sure the visitors pay attention to the pet during their stay. This will help the pet in familiarizing themselves with being touched and spoken to by others.

Prepare Favorite Items For The Stay

If the pet has a favorite toy or bedding that they use regularly, it should be brought to the boarding facility when the pet is dropped off. This will help the pet as there will be familiar scents from home. It is also a good idea to pack the same type of foods eaten at home. Some pets will turn their nose up at new foods when they are in an unfamiliar area. Pack some treats to be given to the pet while they are staying at the establishment as well.

Consider Sessions Away From Home

Bringing the pet out of the home in the days before their stay is also a good idea. Scheduling an appointment for obedience classes or a pampering session with a groomer will help the pet get used to being in an area different from their household. Taking the pet to the boarding facility for these amenities is also helpful. This will allow the dog or cat to meet with some of the same staff they will be cared for when staying at the establishment.

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