Preparing A Pet For A Grooming Session

If someone has a dog or cat that has never had a grooming session with a professional groomer in the past, they may act skittish when they arrive at the facility. This can cause the pet some distress, making them not enjoy the time at the facility as a result. To help a pet prepare for a grooming session, follow these steps.

First, it is a good idea to make sure the dog or cat has time with other people other their their owner. If the pet is sheltered and does not come across others at any time in their life, they will not take to a grooming session well when it comes time for their appointment. Invite some friends or family to the home to allow the pet to get used to other voices.

Having people touch the pet would be the next step in their preparation for a cat or dog grooming session. After they had been around people several times, they may allow someone to pet their fur. This is a huge step in getting the pet ready for grooming.

Dogs may fare well in having play dates with other pooches. This will prepare them for the chance of other pets being in the facility when they are waiting for their turn for grooming. This will take away the fear of being around other animals, allowing for a smooth transition. Cats may have some difficulty with this. Place a cat in a carrier and bring along a blanket to drape over the enclosure so the cat will not be bothered by other pets in the waiting area.

It is a good idea to try some grooming at home before a professional session. Getting the cat or dog used to being shampooed and dried can be a bit help in having them remain calm when someone else does these procedures. Pet your cat or dog gently during their grooming session and reassure them with a soft voice. A treat can be given to them after a job well done.

If someone wants to have their pet try dog or cat grooming, they can try some of these steps in the weeks beforehand. This will help the pet become familiarized with some of the processes they will endure, allowing them to enjoy themselves as a result.

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