Preparing Not the Dog, But the Owner, for a Stay at a New Pet Boarding

Many dog owners feel resilient about putting their dog in a kennel for any period of time. Their reservations may be fair. The dog may long for the owner, and have a separation anxiety. They may be scared about a new place, or not exactly social with the other animals. There are reasons to be hesitant about a dog kennel, and some of these concerns are fair. But, sometimes a kennel is necessary. Sometimes, it can dramatically improve the life of the dog while the owners manage to get away for just a bit. There are resources online for preparing a dog for dog boarding, but there isn’t as much about preparing the owner- you.

  • Get a Tour: People are scared of what they do not know. A tour is the most efficient way to get familiar with the whole idea of a dog kennel. The grounds can display where dogs play, how they socialize, and what they will be doing on a daily basis. It just makes sense, and will ease a lot of the anxiety involved with something that is totally new.
  • Take a Socialization Course: A local pet boarding place will likely have training courses available. This is also an effective way to ease into a boarding situation. Firstly, it builds confidence in the dog’s social abilities for the owner and the dog. It also allows an owner to be familiar with who will be watching their dog.
  • Watch the Camera and Do it For a Day: Still have reservations about boarding? Do a “sample trip.” Take a ride down to the next city over for a weekend and keep a dog overnight. Watch the camera. Do a test run. This will alleviate concerns and ease right into a longer stay.

One of our most recent reviews from a first time customer:

5.0 star rating 11/1/2016

“I visited the establishment today and simply loved it! Melinda at the reception was very nice and professional and took the time to show me the kennels and patiently answer all my questions. The place is very clean and organized. The extra large kennels are big enough to comfortably host my 2 inseparable pups, a Doberman and a Labrador mix and the price is unbeatable! (Only $39 for both dogs!!!!). There’s an adicional of $5 per dog for a daily play time with a staff member, what I think is great and also affordable. I had left my dogs at the pooch hotel before where I payed $100 a day for a tinny kennel with a glass door where there was almost no ventilation at all and the dogs where locked for 20 hrs a day, what resulted in a bad dog odor every time I had picked them up (facts that I only took knowledge after the third time I utilized their services and insisted to see the kennel where my dogs were staying). No wonder why they where very reluctant to show me the premisses. We’ll, no more Pooch Hotel.”

Curious to see the grounds? Contact All Star Pet Resort to take a tour of their facilities. This may also be a way to get comfortable for the area to feel less resilient to dog boarding. It may be a huge social jump for a dog, but one that can make them healthier and happier in the process.

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