How To Prepare For Boarding A Dog With Separation Anxiety

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If you’re planning on leaving your pup behind while traveling out of town, you want to feel confident that they are as comfortable as possible while you’re away.

Most pets can handle short periods away from their owners without incident as long as they are left in the hands of a dependable caregiver. But, some have a tendency to struggle with anxiety during this time, which can be worrisome for their owners, and traumatic for pets.

Pet owners can help prevent separation anxiety by adequately preparing their four-legged friends for the periods of time they will be away from them.

Find out how to prepare for boarding a dog with separation anxiety here!

Tips For Boarding A Dog With Separation Anxiety

If you are concerned about leaving Fido behind on your next trip, we’ve got some tips to ease your mind.

1. Understand Contributing Factors Of Your Pet’s Anxiety

First of all, you need to try to understand the factors behind your pet’s fears. Much like people, animals can also experience anxiety when they are separated from their primary caregivers.

Some of the clues that your dog might struggle in this area include:

  • Their personality typically reflects nervousness
  • They were taken from their mother prematurely
  • Your dog has experienced a traumatic life event
  • They experience boredom and lack of activity for a period of hours or longer
  • A major shift in their routine occurs

If any of these precursors exist, then you should watch carefully for signs of separation anxiety.

2. Look For Warning Signs

The following symptoms are signs that your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety:

  • Barking and howling
  • Destruction of their owner’s property
  • Pacing
  • Escaping, or attempting to escape
  • Unusual urination or defecation habits

If your dog tends to suffer from these symptoms during brief periods away from you, then chances are they will probably have anxiety when that amount of time is increased.

The next 3 tips will explain how you can help prevent your dog’s separation anxiety if you have reason to believe it might create an issue in your absence.

3. For Mild Anxiety, Try This

The American Society for the Prevention of Animals offers suggestions to treat both mild, and moderate to severe separation anxiety. For mild anxiety, they recommend training your dog to associate the activity that makes them anxious with something that they love, such as a special treat.

4. Desensitization For Moderate To Severe Separation Anxiety

If your furry friend has moderate to severe anxiety, then you will need to begin a program to desensitize them to periods spent away from you. This may take some time, especially for more severe cases.

You should begin by leaving your pup for only short periods, leading up to longer and longer stays away from you.

You should also begin to implement a routine that helps your pup recognize when you will be leaving. You might jingle your keys at the door, for example, as part of this routine.

5. Choose The Right Boarding Facility

Choosing the right boarding facility for your dog can help a lot. Make sure that the staff understands your concerns and are willing to take measures to alleviate your pup’s anxiety.

You might ask to begin arranging short visits with your dog so that they can grow familiar with one another. Also, find out if can leave some of your dog’s favorite things, such as special snacks, toys, or bedding from home. Lastly, ensure that they will provide adequate daily exercise, activities, and interaction to prevent boredom.

Are You Looking For A Place To Board Your Dog While You Are Away?

Our loving professionals have experience with all kinds of dogs and cats and can help make sure that your pets are comfortable and cared for while you are away.

We can answer any questions that you might have about boarding a dog.

Contact us today to schedule a visit or find out more about our five-star pet resort!

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