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Precautions To Take During The Holiday Festivities For Your Pet (And You)

Precautions To Take During The Holiday Festivities For Your Pet (And You)

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Buying gifts, decorating, sipping hot cocoa–these are just a few of the things that make this season so special. While it’s an exciting time for us, it can be equally exciting and overwhelming for our pets. To them, everything is either a toy or food. Shiny ornaments, lights, fake snow, and wires are all very enticing to our furry friends. It might be cute to watch your dog or cat paw away at a dangling ornament, but the truth is that playing with these items can be very harmful to your pet’s health.

Here’s how to pet-proof your home to ensure that your holidays are safe and fun, and your pets enjoy them too!

That’s Not A Giant Toy. It’s A Tree!

If you have a live tree, you have to make sure that you keep it watered. The last thing your pets need to do is mistake the bowl holding your live tree as their water bowl. They could easily knock the tree over, swallow fallen needles that can cause mild irritation to the mouth and stomach, and drink the water itself, which could also be pretty toxic.

When it comes to decorations, it’s important to pick ornaments that are non-toxic to your pets and won’t cause bodily harm if they manage to play with it. Wires and hooks can injure your pet and cause internal lacerations and blockages if swallowed.

Finally…keep dangling ornaments as far away from your pet’s reach as possible. Be strategic about the placement of the ornaments, and maybe even consider placing your tree in an area that’s hard to reach by your pets.

Keep Mittens Away From The Wreath

If you choose to decorate your home with garlands and/or lights, it’s probably a good idea to keep these items from hanging too low to the ground. If your pup plays with or chews on the lights, it could be deadly.

Other decorations like garlands and wreaths have parts that can be choking hazards, too. Make sure that your beautiful baby can admire your handiwork from a safe distance.

Watch The Candy

Nothing says Christmas like hot cocoa and candy canes. They’re great treats for us, but not so great for our furry friends. Chocolate is delicious to humans, but it’s very toxic to pets and can cause seizures, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and in extreme cases, death.

Keep candies, especially those in wrappers or containing things like chocolate, out of reach. You can store them in your kitchen or another area around your home where your fur baby has little to no access.

Traveling? Pet Boarding Could Be The Answer!

If you are traveling or have family visiting for the holidays, it may be a good idea to send your pets to a boarding facility for a few days. It’s the safest way to ensure that they won’t get into anything that they shouldn’t, so you can enjoy time with your family knowing that your fur baby is well-taken care of.

If you need holiday boarding services, be sure to contact All Star Pet Resort, where pet health and happiness are our top priorities. We’ll be sure to give your baby the holiday treatment that they deserve while you’re away! Don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook for all of your pet boarding info!

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