Is a Pet Hotel Right For Your Dog?

Is a Pet Hotel Right For Your Dog?

For people who have to go out of town, leaving their dog alone at home, the stress and worry connected with leaving your pet behind can be huge. While it may seem best to have a dog stay in their own home environment, in actuality leaving them at home means they will often have very little human contact for the bulk of the day and night. Sure, a pet sitter can come in each day to let the dog outside, to feed the dog, and to give them a few minutes of attention. However, most pet sitter visits last no longer than 30 minutes. This means that the dog is usually left alone for at least 20 to 22 hours a day, even if there are multiple visits from the pet sitter each day.

One of the best alternatives for doggy care today can be a pet hotel. At a top quality pet hotel, the pet isn’t just stuck away in a tiny kennel. Instead, they have extra large kennels that are actually more like rooms. Some dog boarding facilities also offer suites that are as large as 10 feet by 10 feet. These dog rooms and suites are fully climate controlled, having plenty of heat in the winter and air in the summer. Dog rooms and suites at the best dog boarding facilities are also completely secured, featuring both burglar alarms and fire alarms to help keep the pets safe.

Most top dog hotels also have both indoor and outdoor dog runs where the dogs can run, play, and interact with other dogs. Human caregivers are always on hand, giving the pets both one on one time and supervised group playtime. In a top quality dog hotel, dogs will have access to play areas that feature trees, gazebos, benches, and even a dog pool to cool off in whenever they like.

A good dog hotel recognizes that each dog is a unique individual, just as each person is unique. This means that the dog hotel staff will go out of their way to make sure your dog is comfortable. It’s usually a good idea to bring along your dog’s favorite toy and blanket. The staff will make sure your dog has the comforts of home and plenty of love and attention while you’re away.

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