Pet Boarding Tips – Everything You Should Consider

Pet Boarding Tips – Everything You Should Consider

It’s usually not possible to bring your pet on vacation with you but you need them to be in good hands and well taken care of while you are away. You can always take your pet to a friend or a relative if they do love pets or have a neighbor come in every now and then to feed, exercise, water and walk your pet every now and them. However, you could also bring them to a professional pet-sitter to do all those duties and a lot more for your pet.

Boarding your dog at a reputable and reliable dog kennel is simply one of the best things you can do for your pet and for your ease of mind.

The charges for different dog kennels vary but you should always consider the services first and how well your pet will be taken care of before you decide on the best one. There are certain considerations you could make to help you make the best choice and we will list them below for you.

· Consider the kennel to be some kind of vacation for your pet and check to see if they will be treated like they are on vacation. Trust your senses, as well as your common sense when you visit a potential kennel and check even the most little details.

· Ensure that the kennel you choose is very clean and orderly both indoors and outdoors.

· Ensure that the place smells fresh with no offensive odors and with adequate ventilation. If the kennels stink of dog odors, then you can be sure it is not well run as it should be.

· The temperature in the kennel should also be adequate, which means it should neither be too warm nor too cold.

· Check out the whole kennel, including the outdoor running area. This area should also be spotless and it would be better if they have gravel or concrete.

· Ask the owner of the place how often or how frequently they clean the kennel.

· Any responsible kennel owner or operator will and should ask to see your dog’s vaccination proof for certain shots before they accept your pet. If they do not, you should not trust them.

· A responsible kennel owner will show you around all the areas your pet will be staying at while you are away and you should feel comfortable leaving your dog to that owner and that kennel.

· The kennel should be very secure because some dogs try to break out when they don’t have their owner around. Talk to the kennel owner about security to ensure the safety of your pet.

Additional Tips

Once you make a decision on the kennel of your choice, ensure you bring along the dog’s bed of favorite toys. Talk to your pet and try to make them understand that you are leaving them behind, be positive and be very upbeat about it. Don’t look sorry or apologetic to your dog because they will sense your discomfort and this will lead them to be upset. Make the goodbye very short but sweet and you might come back to find that they enjoyed their vacation as much or even more than you did yours.

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