Pet Boarding for a Cat and Dog Who Are Part of the Same Family

Pet Boarding for a Cat and Dog Who Are Part of the Same Family

Many people who share their homes with a cat are wary of boarding their pet at a facility that has dogs in the same building. They worry that the cat will be anxious or frightened at the sight and sound of dogs. Others, in contrast, own both a cat and a dog that have become best friends. They’d like to find a pet boarding facility that will house the two animals in the same kennel or at least allow them to be next to each other. If that’s not an option, perhaps the cat and dog could spend time together in a kennel or an enclosed area of the yard while their owners are away.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to make these kinds of arrangements. Usually the best option is to choose a facility that has separate accommodations for dogs and cats so the cat won’t be stressed by being around unfamiliar canine critters. A boarding establishment such as All Star Pet Resort makes sure both the cat and dog are comfortable and content even if they can’t stay together.

The cats get lots of attention from staff members so they don’t feel lonely. They have plenty of room in their condos to play or just lounge around. Their litter container is changed daily. Dogs tend to be more sociable in general than cats are, so they do fine in a kennel with outdoor runs in which they can view other dogs. As with the cats, they receive friendly attention from humans working at the facility. Their indoor and outdoor boarding areas are kept very clean. The owners can request additional services, such as time in a play yard or walks on a leash.

When people want to visit the pet lodging establishment in person before scheduling their pet’s reservation, they may call All Star Pet Resort to take a tour of their facilities. It’s natural to want to view the place where beloved canine and feline members of the family will spend their vacation time. Seeing how contented other pets are while staying there is reassuring.

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