Pet Boarding Basics: How to Choose the Best For Your Pet

Pet Boarding Basics: How to Choose the Best For Your Pet

Boarding a pet is much easier when the pet owner finds the right facility. They may never be as happy away as they are at home, but they can still enjoy themselves. Here are some tips for choosing the right home away from home for every cat and dog.

Are they concerned about good health?

Boarding facilities that do not require all pets be flea-free and fully vaccinated are risking the health of all the animals they shelter. This is a necessity and no one should leave their animals anywhere that does not insist on it. In addition, the safety of the pet has to be respected too. Keeping dogs and cats away from other boarders will prevent any fighting and is much more relaxing for nervous pets.

Do they offer spaces that comfort the animals?

A cat boarding facility needs to provide a warm and calming environment where they are secure and away from the noise of barking dogs and any commotion. Dogs need access to fresh air and a safe, cozy spot where they can nap comfortably.

Is the facility clean?

Clean kennels, fresh food and water and fresh litter for cats are not negotiable. Any kennel that is not concerned about hygiene is not providing the animals they watch with the best possible experience.

Do they allow personal items?

For successful cat boarding facility operators, they realize the importance of having personal items with the animal. Many cats are very picky about their food and litter and having what is familiar to them may make the time away easier. Dogs also need security items like a blanket or toy when they are away.

Is supervision available 24 hours a day?

Clinics that leave pets unsupervised at night are risking their well-being several hours every day. All dog kennels and cat boarding businesses should have supervisors available over night to manage any emergencies. They should have the contact number for the vet that normally sees the animal as well as their own vet and emergency services available.

Good facilities make it easy for all owners to feel comfortable leaving their pets for a period of time. They know their best friend will be loved, respected and cared for by the staff in their absence. Take a tour of the All Star Pet Resort to see first-hand a professional and caring pet hotel.

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